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Trails Through Tenganan

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The East. A word that calls forth memories of expeditions, the search for unknown worlds, of odyssey and discovery. The world, an oyster for seafaring adventurers seeking unmapped lands. Bali’s own eastern territories hold similar repute, a land that lures in those eager to surround themselves with nature and foster a sense of exploration on foot.

In this month's issue, we take you on trails through Tenganan, best known for its Bali Aga (ancient Balinese) village. The small community here have conserved their unique customs and traditions for centuries, showcasing rituals and a way of life quite different from what is seen in the majority of Bali.

You'll find other stories from upcoming festivals to the newest restaurant openings and revamps; Publisher Alistair Speirs' latest opinion piece; a peek into the seaside Alila Manggis; an insightful art piece by Richard Horstman; a cultural observation on the ancestors' cult by Jean Couteau; and more!
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