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Holding on to Heritage | November 2022

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This issue is available as a Printed Edition - for enquiries on delivery or subscription, please contact us directly at Price per copy: IDR 40.000.

As the inevitabile creep of modernisation and globalisation continue across the island, there exists a handful of communities and individuals who stand as protectors of the past. The pulls of the future are difficult to resist, the promise of a better life, a right for all. Yet so often as we rush forward so quickly, we leave things behind, forgetting the value that our own history provides. Like trying to move a tree by slicing through its trunk, instead of carefully lifting it up with its roots and transplanting to its new home, to thrive in its new environment... 

In this issue of NOW! Bali, Holding on to Heritage, we feature three communities that see the importance of the past. Not in a stubbon attempt to resist change, but rather to create a better future for Bali. From Balinese performing arts, to language and agriculture, these initiatives are bastions against homogeneity and the loss of identity.

Outside of our features, this edition shares a host of stories from across the island. Everything from upcoming events and latest openings to explorations, activities and in-depth cultural discussion.

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