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Nights Come Early in Manila


The National Capital Region (NCR) of the Philippines in short often is referred to as Manila. Actually, if people say Manila they normally mean the NCR. The NCR consists of 11 independent cities that have grown together. It is sung about New York that the city never sleeps. For sure this is true for this NCR too. Being close to the equator, the length of the days is close to 12 hours, which means so are the nights. Few people can sleep 12 hours every day. That makes the night life an important part of the day. Looked at it from this point of view, it is no wonder that the Philippines have one of the highest rates of population growth if you know what I mean. On top of that, Filipinas do like white skin.

Put these facts together and the stories, I am not sure if these are stieries or experiences. However, this is a book full of entertainment.

It is an erotic novel, but well researched so that it gives you an insight into the situation in the Philippines. With a new president, the situation may change. The country is beautiful and the people are really friendly. From a touristic point of view, it almost is a virgin place. This means that even if in many instanced there are similarities between Thailand and Philippines, there is basically no or very little sex tourism here. This may be one of the reasons why (white) foreigners of almost all ages are in high demand.

If you live in a country where you have become invisible for the other gender and you miss the looks and comments of the girls in the streets, a visit here probably is rejuvenating to you. Despite that I have become a retiree in the meantime, I am still addressed by young girls. If I mention the age gap the standard reply is that age does not matter. I agree to that - in the middle of your life. One of the suppliers of the stories is a married German aged 72, who has a girlfriend in a neighboring town who is 39. Believe me, he is not going there on a weekly base just to hold hands.

My thanks goes to these friends who do not want to be mentioned and who supply me with stories. I am also grateful to the people and woman I write about. All stories and all girls have happened and in a way, are real. To a certain extend at least. I am not the master of the universe but the author of the book and sometimes a person and the story had to fit. So please give me credit for changing things a little.

If you have a chatmate in the Philippines, this eBook can give you an impression on a personal level about the daily struggles. All the people described are regular people. Maybe a little crazy, but so are you and me, we just do no longer see it.  Maybe we do not need to escape our reality or it has become much harder to slip into our dream reality. Having a white boyfriend is a ‘simple’ dream which for some Filipinas comes true – even if only for a limited time. But that is the nature of dreams, they are followed by a day of reality


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