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Forensic Psychology

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Do you want to learn what forensic psychology is?

Do you want to learn about the psychology of courts?

Do you want to learn about the psychology of imprisonment and rehabilitation?

If the answer is yes, then this is the book for you!

By the end of this book, you will have a lot of knowledge about forensic psychology and you’ll learn about:

·         What is forensic psychology?

·         How do people offend?

·         How Does Crime Affect Victims?

·         How Does the Media and the Public Affect the Criminal Justice System?

·         Courts and the Legal System

·         Sexual Offending

·         Rehabilitation

·         And More…


Forensic Psychology Content:

Introduction: What is Forensic Psychology

Chapter 1: Development of Offending: Theories and Perspectives


Part 1: Public and Crime

Chapter 2: Victims and Crime

Chapter 3: Theories of The Fear of Crime

Chapter 4: Victimology, Restorative Justice and PTSD

Chapter 5: Why Do We Listen to the Public?


Part 2: Courts and the Legal System

Chapter 6: Courts and the Legal System

Chapter 7: Types of Courts and the Youth Justice System

Chapter 8: The Courtroom, Witnesses and Lawyers

Chapter 9: Juries and Problems with Juries


Part 3: Sex Offending

Chapter 10: Sexual Offending

Chapter 11: Theories of Sexual Offending


Part 4: Rehabilitation

Chapter 12: Rehabilitation

Chapter 13: Problems and Challenges for Treatment

Chapter 14: Treating Violent Offenders

Chapter 15: Recovery Capital and Mindset

Chapter 16: Rehabilitation Theories and Models

Chapter 17: Does Treatment Work?


Part 5: Imprisonment

Chapter 18: History, Imprisonment Principles and Public Opinion

Chapter 19: Effects of Imprisonment

Chapter 20: Approaches to Punishment

Chapter 21: Violence in Prison

Chapter 22: Suicide and Self-Harm in Prison

Chapter 23: Mental Illness and Crime
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