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A Year In Psychology: A Psychology Student's Guide To Placement Years, Working In Academia and More

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Want an honest account of working in psychology for a year?

Bestselling writer and University Student Connor Whiteley spends a year working in psychology academia. He experiences working in psychology first-hand. Connor tells you all the ups and downs and realities of work.

Follow Connor in this brilliant, conversational and engaging book as he tells you about psychology placement years, why do one and reflects on his own interesting experience.

If you want to work in psychology, do a placement year and more. Then you NEED this absolutely brilliant book!


Year In Psychology includes

  1. Introduction
  2. What is A Psychology Placement And What Are The Benefits?
  3. Why Did I Choose A Psychology Placement?
  4. How Did I Find A Placement?
  5. The First Reflection
  6. A Week Of Improvement, Learning and A Major Google Scholar Trick
  7. FOMO On Placements
  8. The Pickiness And Prettiness Of Academia And Tips And Hope
  9. Week 10 Reflection
  10. Personal And Professional Development So Far And Other Note Worthy Mentions
  11. What have I Done For My Placement: mHealth Literature Review
  12. Something Annoying And The Solution For You
  13. The New Year So Far
  14. A Week Into Examining Papers
  15. After The Behemoth Task
  16. The University Looks After You And Back To University Days
  17. Placement Experiences From Other People And Extremely Useful Tips
  18. The New Literature Review
  19. How Did I Find Writing A Literature Review From Scratch?
  20. After The First and Final Improvements
  21. Conclusion: Do I Recommend Placements And Other Final Tips?
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