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Psychology Worlds Issue 2: Suicide Psychology A Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology And Neuropsychology Guide To Suicide

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Over 71,000 words of psychological knowledge, theory and practice by bestselling writer Connor Whiteley in one great collection. If you want great, fascinating information covering a wide range of psychological topics for a cheaper price you NEED to buy this issue!


Issue 2 contains two brilliant full-length psychology books:

·      Suicide Psychology: A Guide To The Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology and Neuropsychology of Suicide.

·      Cognitive Psychology: A Guide to Cognitive Psychology, Neuropsychology and Neuroscience.

AND contains 5 enthralling blog posts:

·      3 Beliefs That Can Harm Relationships

·      3 Myths About Depression

·      What Is The Case For Bibliotherapy?

·      What Is The Criminal Psychology Of Poisoning?

·      What Not To Say To Someone With Anxiety?


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