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Social Psychology Collection: A Guide To Social Psychology, Relationship Psychology and Personality Psychology

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3 Amazing, Easy to Understand Books In 1 Place!

A Great Guide to The Amazing World Of Social Psychology!


Social Psychology: A Guide to Social and Cultural Psychology

Do you want to learn why groups behaviour like they do?
Do you want to learn how our groups influence us?
Do you want to learn how our culture impacts our behaviour?
If the answer to any of these questions and more is yes, then this is the book for you!
In this book, you’ll learn about social and cultural psychology and how this affects our behaviour.

By the end of this book, you’ll learn:

·       What is social psychology?

·       How our culture impacts our behaviour?

·       Why groups behave as they do?

·       How persuasion works and why it can fail?

·       The psychology of aggression

·       And more.


Psychology of Relationships:

Do you want to learn why human relationships are important?

Do you want to learn what causes human relationships to form?

Do you want to learn why humans show prosocial behaviour?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions and more, then this is the book for you as we investigate how human relationships form, types of love and relationships and the psychology of prosocial behaviour.

By the end of this book, you will know:

·       Why human relationships are important?

·       The biological, cognitive, and social reasons why human relationships form.

·       What the Bystander Effect is and why it happens?

·       How to Promote Prosocial Behavior?

·       Why humans show altruism?


Personality Psychology and Individual Differences

If you want to learn about personality psychology, this is the book for you!

Our personalities affect us in lots of interesting ways and they cause a lot of great behaviours. Making them extremely important to study.

This great, easy-to-understand book is the perfect guide to personality psychology and most of all its fun, packed full of great examples that relate the facts to everyday life!

By the end of this psychology book, you’ll know:

·       What Personality is and how it’s studied?

·       What Influences our Personality to form?

·       How Personality Influences Religious and political beliefs and our Mental Abilities?

·       And many more great topics!

This is NOT a boring university textbook.


Interesting Chapters Includes:

Part One: Introduction to Social Psychology

Chapter 1: History of Social psychology

Chapter 2: How Do You do social psychology?

Chapter 3: What Groups for The Individuals?

Chapter 4; The Social Cure Hypothesis

Chapter 5: The Self and Self-Awareness

Chapter6: Theories of The Self

Chapter 7: Self-Esteem

Chapter 8: Attitudes and Social Cognition

Chapter 9: Cognitive Dissonance

Chapter 10: Social Identity Theory

Chapter 1: Individual and Collective Narcissism

Chapter 12: Social Cognitive Theory

Part One: Introduction to Personality Psychology

Introduction to Personality

Classifying Traits, Eysenck and The Lexical Approach to Personality

Five Factor Model of Personality and ‘The Big Five’

HEXACO Model of Personality
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