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Social Media Psychology: A Clinical Psychology, Cyberpsychology and Depression

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Perfect for psychology students and professionals interested in social media, clinical psychology and cyberpsychology.

Social media is fascinating. It is good and bad. Social media can help and harm people with depression for different reasons.

This brilliant, easy-to-understand book helps readers to understand the fascinating, complex benefits and disadvantages of social media on behaviour, hooking readers throughout with Connor's conversational and engaging tone.


Social Media Psychology’s Content Includes:



Part One: Introduction To Social Media

Introduction To Social Media Psychology

General Overview Of Social Media

Linking Social Media To Mental Health

Outline For The Rest Of The Book


Part Two: Social Media Communities And Behaviour

What Contributes To Social Media Communities?



Part Three: Types Of Social Support

Emotional Support

Social Companionship And Loneliness

Informational And Instrumental Support

What Behaviour Is Associated With Both Positive And Negative Social Media Use


Part Four: Positives And Negatives Of Social Media

What Are The Negatives Of Social Media Communities?

The Negatives Of Rumination In Social Media Communities

Ostracism And Social Comparison Within Social Media Communities

Bringing Everything Together

Limitations Of The Current Literature

Future Directions


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