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A Student's Guide To University and Learning: A University Guide For Psychology Students

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Psychology students enjoy university. Students find university a wonderful place to learn, fun and making friends.

But students want tips and information about exams, coursework, how to learn at university, and so much more.

University student and bestselling writer Connor Whiteley writes an engaging, conversational and brilliant book to help ask these great questions.

If you’re looking for a brilliant book to help you understand university more. You NEED this outstanding book.


A Student’s Guide To University And Learning includes



Part One: General Learning Tips

5 Revision Techniques For University Students

5 Things You Need To Master Online Learning

3 Tips Reduce Distractions Online Learning


Part Two: Exams

How To Remain Calm During A University Exam?

How Should Students Prepare For Exam Season?

Online Exams For University Students: A Student’s Perspective

Being Kind To Yourself During Exam Season For University Students

How To Deal With Stress And Anxiety When Waiting For Exam Marks?


Part Three: Coursework Tips

Coursework Time Management

How To Prepare For Group Projects At University?

How To Prepare For Presentations At University?


Part Four: General Social Tips For University Students

Finding Your People At University

Why Is University An Interesting Time For LGBT+ Students?

Finding Your Passion Again For University Students


Part Five: The Christmas Break

How To Prepare For The Final Week Before Christmas At University?

What To Do Over The Christmas University Break?

How To Face The New Year?

How To Get Back Into The Swing of Things At University?


Part Six: Placements, Work Experience and Summer Holidays

How To Make The Most Of Your Summer Holidays?

How To Find A Part-Time Job At University?

How Does Work Experience Benefit University Students?

Should You Do A Placement Year?


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