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Careers In Psychology: A Guide To Careers In Clinical Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Business Psychology And More

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Psychology offers endless career opportunities.

Psychology offers everything from therapists to academics to hundreds of others. A psychology degree offers so many possibilities.

This great, engaging and eye-opening career book offers psychology students and professionals tons of insight into what you can do a psychology degree in a wide range of areas.

If you’re looking for psychology career advice, you NEED this book!


Careers In Psychology Content Includes

Part One: Introduction to Psychology Careers


Why Is It Important to Look At This?

Why Do People Think Psychology Is A Bad Choice?

Part Two: Psychology Careers In Industrial, Experiments And Academic Psychology

Careers In Industrial Psychology

Careers In Experimental Psychology

Psychology Careers In Academia

My Own Experience Of Working In Psychology Academia


Part Three: Getting Ahead and Other Useful Information

Should You Do A Placement Year For University Students?

How Does Work Experience Benefit Psychology Students?

Why Do A Masters Degree?

Why Do A PhD?

Part Four: Clinical Psychology and Forensic Psychology Careers

Careers In Clinical Psychology Overview

Paths To Becoming A Therapist

What Are Forensic Psychology Careers?

Other Roles Within Clinical Psychology

You will get a TXT (160B) file

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