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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “This slow burn, second chance, brother’s best friend romance was perfect.” - Anna Reads Here

Narrated by Brian Pallino and Emma Wilder
Length: 9 hrs and 19 mins

Ben Porter may be living the dream, but it’s not his.

His dad’s health scare might not be the ideal reason to come home for the summer, but it’s a welcome break from the stellar glitz of Ben’s life in Los Angeles. Even if modeling has him rivaling Marky Mark’s fame, posing isn’t his passion. Landing a role with a Boston Shakespeare theater brings him closer to fulfilling his dreams of being a real actor.

Facing the reason he went west in the first place? That’s another story.

Lucy Minola’s dreams were shattered seven years ago when a drunk driver smashed into her brother’s car. She knows it was her fault. So as penance, she works hard to care for her family, goes to confession faithfully, and buries all the feelings she had for the person who left when she needed him most: her brother’s best friend.

When an injured dog brings them back together, Lucy’s good-girl façade begins to crack. Women everywhere are obsessed with the rad bod they see in magazines, but she’s the only one Ben seems to notice.

She can’t trust herself with the man who walked away… but can she let him go a second time?

This bittersweet 80's throwback retro romance proves that everyone deserves a second chance in love. And in life.

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8 months ago

Ben & Lucy

Forget About Me is the 2nd book in Grey’s Boston Classics series set in the late 80s. You could start here as there aren’t any spoilers for Will & Kate’s story (other than they end up together – but this is romance, so yeah). However, I definitely recommend book 1, What I’m Looking For and the free prequel novella, Signed, Sealed, & Delivered.

Insert small grumble here about the fact that this is labeled “Historical”. Seriously, I’m that old??? Anyway…

I was so excited to get to read this! This incorporates one of my favorite tropes: Best Friend’s Sister/Brother’s Best Friend and the added bonus of an adorable dog. What I really enjoyed here is that while it’s a cohesive addition to the series – it’s definitely a unique story. Ben & Lucy were brought together in friendship as children by Lucy’s brother, Tony and then torn apart as young lovers by his death. Forget About Me has it’s fair share of grief and growing pains to go along with it’s hilarious RomCom status. Add in the constant stream of music referenced from Lucy’s obsession with mixtapes and this is a truly delightful story. (Have your Spotify or Amazon Music app ready!)

I’ll admit, I am not a fan of flashbacks – the story regularly takes the main characters on trips down memory lane, mostly to 7 years earlier – but Grey weaves them in so well that instead of disrupting the flow they reveal bits of information and emotion at the perfect times. While there are numerous sexy scenes for Ben & Lucy, I truly enjoy romance where I get to know the characters individually and together as a couple. I want to believe that these people belong together and I’m thrilled that’s exactly what I get. In some respects, we get their love story twice – young love as new adults at 21 & 18 and again at 28 & 25 with more life experience and self-awareness.

Dual narration by Brian Pallino and Emma Wilder was fantastic. While I loved the narrators for What I’m Looking For – I like Grey’s decision to give each couple in the series their own narrators. Pallino & Wilder both do a wonderful job on a variety of voices, accents, and emotions. While I truly enjoyed the book when I read it – the audio brings it up another level. I was brought to tears and laughed out loud. There’s a “tape rewind” noise that provides a unique way to differentiate the flashback sections from the current storyline.

Elizabeth T.

9 months ago

A Sweet Second Chance Romance

Again, Karen Grey’s attention to even the tiniest of details makes this unique romcom a delightful & flawless read.
If you thought answering machine chapter breaks were fun, you’ll totally get a kick out of the cassette tape rewind flashback prompts. The Shakespeare, nostalgia, and incredibly well-developed/relatable characters combine beautifully in Forget About Me.

I was a huge fan of Brian Pallino’s work in Avery Flynn’s audiobooks. He was utterly charming as Ben in this sweet & funny second chance romance. Emma Wilder is always a joy to listen to and her performance as Lucy is fabulous. Emma’s portrayal of Lucy’s witty, quirky, and beguiling character is flawless. I loved every moment of this young love reacquainted, retro romance.


9 months ago

I really enjoyed this delightful, and touching, second chance romcom.

I really enjoyed this delightful, and touching, second chance romcom. Ben Porter has been in love with his best friends little sister for years. They had a passionate secret affair before Lucy left for college. They thought it would be easy to be apart as they experienced life. Just when they couldn't endure the time apart any longer, tragedy strikes. The guilt they both suffered was too much and Ben moved across the country hoping it would be best for everyone, but it only broke their hearts more. Now years later, Ben is home to help his ailing father. He and Lucy meet again, opening old wounds, and revealing the deep love they tried to forget. Ben wants Lucy to know he is a better man and will do whatever it takes to win her back. This delightful romcom has wonderfully rich characters, a heartwarming, and heartbreaking story, great nostalgic music, witty banter, an adorable dog named Puck, and the sizzling chemistry that made for a captivating romance that stole my heart!
Emma Wilder, and Brian Pallino were so perfectly cast to narrate this fun and heartwarming romance. They completely captured these characters and made me feel all the hope, heartbreak, love, and passion they possessed. I was completely mesmerized by their storytelling making this romance even more captivating and delightful.