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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “The Boston Classics is a great nostalgia series set in the 1980s that are such great stories and I loved listening to them. Each narrator was the perfect choice for their character. I love how progressive the stories are and focus on such important issues with a rom-com flair. The audio of this book brings all the 80’s references to life as we get to listen to answering machine messages and the familiar sound of a cassette winding up.” Bookbub review

Length: 20 hrs and 6 mins

What I'm Looking For

Narrated by Joe Arden & Karen White

While financial analyst Kate may be a numbers whiz, computing social situations like happy hour with her colleagues is an entirely different story. But an unexpected exchange with Shakespeare-loving bartender Will is about to turn her life upside down…

Signed, Sealed & Delivered

Narrated by Bradley Ford & Carly Robins

Take a trip back in time to the 1980’s with this exclusive prequel to Forget About Me, where the setting may be retro, but falling in and out of love hasn’t changed.

Forget About Me

Narrated by Brian Pallino & Emma Wilder

Internationally famous underwear model Ben has never forgotten his first love Lucy, his best friend’s younger sister. Back in Boston, the dog he finds on his front porch gives him a second chance with Lucy, but it looks like he might also steal the show…

Author's Note: Sadly, the world lost narrator Brian Pallino shortly after he finished recording Forget About Me in 2020. The audiobook community is still mourning the loss along with his family and friends. It took me a few years to put Signed, Sealed & Delivered into audio, partly because I hesitated to use a different narrator, but I finally decided to recast both roles for the prequel novella. I do hope the change isn't too jarring for listeners. XOXO, Karen.

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Sally S.

1 month ago

Take a fun trip back to the 80's

Boston Classics Box Set 1 is a must-listen. Author Karen Grey’s books always make you laugh out loud, swoon ‘til you shiver and put on your thinking cap about what’s really happening just under the surface and the wonderful narrators take these stories to another level with their perfect pacing, perfect tone and perfect emotion. It’s the perfect introduction to the Boston Classics Series and the perfect trip down memory lane. Did I say perfect enough times? It’s true. Go back to the 80’s and re-live the big hair, shoulder pads and goofy catch phrases. Wonder how we got along without cell phones, social media, streaming and dating apps and had to make do with answering machines, mix tapes, and actually talking face-to-face. Chapters are introduced by something cleverly connected to the story.

Grey makes these stories original yet familiar, laugh-out-loud funny yet serious and thought-provoking, sweet and sexy. Perfect (there’s that word again) standalones but do yourself a favor and start at the beginning and get to know these wonderful characters one-by-one as they are introduced and connect to one another. I am sure you will grow to love them all much as I have and never want your blast from the past to end. I was sent this free box set and am voluntarily leaving this honest review. I recommend these books and everything this author writes without hesitation; all opinions are my own.


4 months ago

Amazing Boxset! Amazing Characters!

What I’m Looking For (Boston Classics, #1)

Amazing! Loved it!
The series is set in the 80s and is about our main characters Will and Kate. Kate works in Finance, and is trying to navigate the world and office during that time period, as well as, rise up the ranks in her job. Will is a starving theatre actor who has his own views and insecurities regarding money.

The characters were great! I especially enjoyed Will’s Shakespeare references (no pun intend - the H’s name really is Will lol). Kate was so likeable, and we got to see how she tried to balance being a successful woman in the work place (in that time period); having to be tough to handle those situations, with been able to relax in her own personal life. There so much more to say about our H & h, but this review would to far too long, so I’ll just stop there.

I also enjoyed the side characters, namely Alice and “Hot Steve”. And, a little birdie (aka, the synopsis for the Novella within this series) has informed me that they got their own book. So, I definitely cannot wait to read that book!

In conclusion, the book is well written, the pacing, great, and again, all the characters were amazing!


Signed, Sealed, & Delivered (Boston Classics, #1.5)

Great Prequel Novella for Book 2!
This was definitely great short introduction into the characters of book 2 (Forget About Me). It mainly focuses on the history of Ben and Lucy. These 2 characters have known each other since childhood and this prequel shows some of the important moments that developed their underlying feelings towards each other.

Finally, although this is a prequel for Forget About Me, it can be read before or after the book. In fact, I first read it after already reading Forget About Me. It made for a fabulous addition and bonus story to accompany Forget About Me. If read before, I can imagine it creating and building anticipation for it. Each way works great.


Forget About Me (Boston Classics, #2)

Loved this book!
I really enjoyed this series and I’m so sad my journey with it has come to an end…sobs :(… Although, there’s a new book within the series coming out next month (I cannot wait to read it!)

Forget about me is part of the Boston Classics series set in the late 80s. It follows our hero & heroine, Ben Porter and Lucy Minola. Ben is a CK underwear model and former theatre actor, whom makes a return to the theatre, after he moves back to his childhood home due to a family tragedy. Lucy works in a vet hospital and unofficially trains animals, specially dogs.

Ben and Lucy are childhood best friends turned lovers. However, they had an awkward breakup and some complications due to Ben also being best friends with Lucy’s older brother, and haven’t seen/spoke to each other for 7 years.

They reconnect when Ben unofficially adopts a stray dog who needs training by Lucy.

This book gave me everything I needed. It had sweet moments, sad moments, fun and happy moments.. just everything. I truly didn’t want it to end!

Additionally, I read/listened to the audio version of this book. No only was the narration excellent, I also loved the sound effects of the flashbacks.

All in all, I had a great time with this book. Truly enjoyed it!

Please note, this book is part of a series, but, can be read as a standalone, and, in any order (I read this book last).

Patty R.

4 months ago

Brings back great memories!

If you are looking for some fun, nostalgic romance stories, look no further! Karen Grey brings us back to the 80's with great memories, humor and stories you can sink your teeth into and enjoy! First we have What I Am Looking For. A blast from the past! The answer machine was imperative so we didn't miss that important phone call. Listening to Kate and Will's story brings back all those fun times. Kate is a woman working in a man's field. Determined to prove her worth, she takes on every opportunity. She also fends off those male advances that were prevalent. Will is an actor who moonlights as a bartender. Helping Kate out one night starts this unlikely romance. With the tables turned, and Kate being the super ambitious woman and Will being the starving actor, will they find a happy medium? Then we have Signed, Sealed, Delivered, a witty meet cute and look at Ben and Lucy before we get their second chance romance. Summer love, love letters and more come with this novella!And Lastly we have Forget About me with Ben and Lucy as they meet again years after the death of her brother. Now years later, Ben returns, a successful model to,his quiet hometown and the sparks still fly. But is that enough to again? Grey weaves in 80's music which I love, realistic life issues of grief, guilt and loss as well as falling in love again. The secondary characters bring matchmaking and sage advice, and Puck the dog is a joy. Karen Grey captures the essence of the time, each couple having chemistry off the charts. The humor had me smiling, the nostalgia gave me the feel good happiness I love.

What I Am Looking For has Karen White and Joe Arden bringing Kate and Will to life. Each finds the personality of their characters and makes them real to the time, yet timeless. Signed, Sealed, Delivered features Carly Robins and Bradley Ford, highlighting the beginning of a new relationship. These two understand Ben and Lucy and create that meet cute excitement. In Forget About Me, Brian Pallino and Emma Wilder are a wonderful team and truly enhance the story. Pallino's portrayal of Ben gives us all the feelings this man has. His inflections and nuances create his personality perfectly. Wilder comes through as Lucy. She is amazing with her voice as she gives us each emotion. These narrators are all fantastic and give a feeling of nostalgia, and that thrill of love. I enjoyed them all!

Leigh Ann Jordan @.

4 months ago

80s vibes, laugh-out-loud funny, & delicious description of physical attraction

Thanks to Home Cooked Books and the author for the chance to listen to a free ALC copy of this box set and the chance to give my candid review.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (0-5)
Audiobook Narration: 🎧🎧🎧🎧🎧 (0-5)
Overall: 4.5 (0-5)
Steam: 🔥🔥 (0-5) foreplay is descriptive and then fade-to-black

What I’m Starry-Eyed Over:
🤩 Entertaining voice narrations—All of them give an amazing mix of feels that are super cute and totally hot!!
🤩 80s vibes—some might even find this series a bit historical romance .ha The Brady Bunch fandom, cool beans, frisky feelings, corded phones, pay phones, answering machine messages, Walkman, letter writing, seatbelt learning, mixtapes.
🤩 Laugh-out-loud funny (with all the feels, and even with intense topics and grief).
🤩 Delicious description of physical attraction—it’s one of my favorite things in books.
🤩 First kiss goodness.
🤩 Pets in books.
🤩 Male actors, trying to find their way. And, females making their way in male dominated careers. Adorable and likable characters. Great characterization.
🤩 In the novella, I loved the teenage fun (which sometimes doesn’t work for me because I have teens and YA of my own).

What I’m Wishing/Dizzy About:
💫 I liked the steamy descriptions during foreplay. Then I was caught off guard when it was more fade-to-black than I was expecting.
💫 I wish What I’m Looking For had some physical connection/intimacy after the drama. It helps me believe in the HEA.

Trigger Warnings:
🔬 Loss of a loved one in a car accident.

Elizabeth T.

4 months ago

Rad Boxset!

🎭What I’m Looking For🎭

OMG, this book spoke to my soul!

📼When a Shakespeare actor meets a financial analyst in the eighties and answering machine messages caption chapters, it’s a recipe for romcom genius!

Performances by Joe Arden & Karen White were wonderful! Their chemistry is so organic and easy-going. Joe gives a fun, flirty, and delightfully nerdy performance to bring Will to life. I love when talented narrator/authors narrate their own work! There is a levity and tone of pride that shines through in the audio. Karen is a prime example!

💌Signed, Sealed, & Delivered 💌

I will never tire of reading Karen Grey’s stories over and over in any format available! Signed, Sealed, & Delivered is the prequel novella for Ben and Lucy’s second-chance romance, Forget About Me. This sweet origin story has heartwarming moments between new friends. The flashbacks lay the foundation for the relationships between Lucy, Ben, and Lucy’s brother, Tony perfectly. I adore the love letter interludes. Signed, Sealed, & Delivered is a perfect mix of sweet & spice with first love, a pining hero, and a relatable, real-bodied heroine.

Carly Robins and Bradley Ford gave wonderful performances bringing Lucy and Ben to life. Carly Robins is so naturally charismatic and vivacious that Lucy’s character seemed to just flow off the page. Bradley Ford’s characterization of Ben was genuine, charming, and swoony sweet. Carly and Bradley’s storytelling styles and pacing matched perfectly. And their kid voices were marvelous! I loved hearing this duo again!

🐾Forget About Me🐾

Again, Karen Grey’s attention to even the tiniest of details makes this unique romcom a delightful & flawless read. If you thought answering machine chapter breaks were fun, you’ll totally get a kick out of the cassette tape rewind flashback prompts. The Shakespeare, nostalgia, and incredibly well-developed/relatable characters combine beautifully in Forget About Me.

I was a huge fan of Brian Pallino’s work in Avery Flynn’s audiobooks. He was utterly charming as Ben in this sweet & funny second chance romance. Emma Wilder is always a joy to listen to and her performance as Lucy is fabulous. Emma’s portrayal of Lucy’s witty, quirky, and beguiling character is flawless. I loved every moment of this young love reacquainted, retro romance.