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♥ Independent Audiobook Awards Finalist 2021 ♥ AudioFile Magazine Earphones Award ♥

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “This is a fabulous read that’ll take you back in time, make you swoon, and serve you with a heavy dose of nostalgia.” —The Rogue Reviews

Narrated by Joe Arden & Karen White
Length: 9 hrs and 48 mins

The course of true love never did run smooth.

Like, for real, dude.

When a socially awkward finance-hotshot—aka me—grudgingly walks into Boston's famous Cheers bar to do happy hour with the insufferably misogynistic guys from work, I don't expect the cute bartender to salvage the rest of my never-ending workday with a cleverly disguised mocktail.

I especially don't expect him to talk Shakespeare to me.

Fate keeps bringing us together, just like the star-crossed couples in the plays Will loves to quote. But while the chemistry between us may be stronger than a stiff Cape Codder, it's clear that on paper, the math doesn't add up.

I can't help wondering if we're capable of an ending happier than Romeo and Juliet's. He's living in a dream world while my feet are planted firmly on the ground, and I can't risk my heart again on a guy who'll bail when the going gets rough.

Even if he does rescue me from a murderous juggling clown.

Fans of Lucy Score and Meghan Quinn will love this smart, feel-good, sweet-and-sexy romcom set in the late 1980’s—an era of big hair and bigger egos.

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11 months ago

Will & Kate

I originally read an ARC of this book. When the audio came out, I immediately purchased it. I've listened to it several times.

This is my first book by Karen Grey and I’m hooked. A fabulous mix of endearing and realistic characters, humor, a little bit of guarded hearts, and if I’m being honest I did tear up at one point. Grey brings the reader completely into 1987 in a way that the time period almost becomes a secondary character while not overwhelming the cast or story in any way. I do admit to spending quite a bit of time Googling pics of JFK Jr. who is Will’s look-a-like. Or vice versa.

Will is an actor/bartender who is trying desperately not to sell out and ends up falling for Kate the finance analyst. On paper, or in a spreadsheet, these two don’t have much in common but we get to know them separately and together and this couple definitely adds up. What I especially love about this is that while there are several steamy scenes between Will & Kate, there is also a lot of talking, dating, and fun. I couldn’t help but be invested in their HEA. This is fairly low angst, yet compelling. A fine line that Grey artfully balances.

I found myself equally in love with the charming and fascinating secondary characters. While none stand out as the obvious choice for the next book in the series, I’m voting for the enigma that is “Hot Steve”.

While I enjoyed reading this – the narration was even more fun. Joe Arden & Karen White do a fantastic job with Will & Kate. The accents for the secondary characters were a nice touch. Then! There’s the few really emotional parts. White does great, but the fact is Will’s chapters have some much heavier scenes and Arden had me in tears.

Elizabeth T.

11 months ago

Loved This Retro Romcom

OMG, this book spoke to my soul!

📼When a Shakespeare actor meets a financial analyst in the eighties and answering machine messages caption chapters, it’s a recipe for romcom genius!

📼Will is a theater nerd of the highest order. An actor so dedicated to his craft, he drops lines of Shakespeare into everyday conversation.

📼Kate is the sweet & awkward heroine working in the male-dominated field of finance.

📼A chance meeting becomes a fast friendship and a whirlwind romance.

📼What I’m Looking For is a unique, witty, nostalgia-filled romcom that made me laugh all day!

🎭This theater nerd loved Will’s outrageously awkward, charming and flawlessly appropriate drops of Shakespeare into normal conversation.

Performances by Joe Arden & Karen White were wonderful! Their chemistry is so organic and easy-going. Joe gives a fun, flirty, and delightfully nerdy performance to bring Will to life. I love when talented narrator/authors narrate their own work! There is a levity and tone of pride that shines through in the audio. Karen is a prime example!