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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Karen Grey has a lovely, deft touch with her characters, the plot, and with the world she's created.” 

- Bookbub review

Length: 18 hrs and 32 mins

You Spin Me

Narrated by Vanessa Edwin & Eric Michael Summerer

If two lonely people fall in love over late-night phone calls, will meeting face-to-face make them, or break them? In this heartfelt, slow-burn retro romcom, it may be the end of a decade, but it’s the beginning of a love story.


Child of Mine

Narrated by Erin Mallon & Tom Taylorson

When a job offer she can’t refuse means single mom Bella York has to work side-by-side with an unforgettable one-night stand, she has a choice to make. Revealing her past could mean losing everything, or gaining more than she ever hoped… for her, and her daughter.


Ch-ch-ch-ch Changes

Narrated by Carly Robins & Bradley Ford

A novella in snapshots: a couple's relationship across several New Year's Eves, including dating, sex, marriage, kids, job-changes, and moving. As steadfast in their support of each other as they are to the fight for reproductive rights, this sweet and sexy short is chock full of heart. Originally published as part of the limited release Resolve anthology.

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Erin T.

2 weeks ago

Fun & Nostalgic

This was a fun collection of romances, taking place in the 80’s & 90’s mostly, the Boston Classics, is a full of sweet stories, full of romance, friendships, overcoming adversity, and personal issues, breaking down walls, and fighting for what you believe in.

If you’re looking for some throwback romance, with fun, adventure & a bit of adversity definitely check out this boxed set.
All of the narrators did a fabulous job bringing the characters to life! This is an A+ cast of narrators.


2 weeks ago

Fun boxed set

You spin me

As always, Karen Grey drew me into her unique, interesting story. I loved both of these characters. Jessica and Cal make a unique connection over the phone. Both hiding things they don’t like about themselves. I loved the 80s references, the deep emotion, the solid writing and the well developed characters. These narrators did an awesome job of bringing this book to life.

Child of mine

This book grabbed me from start to finish. I was a huge fan of soap operas growing up, so I completely drawn in by Isabella’s character. This was a great second chance romance set in the 80s. Love the secret baby trope. Isabella and Henry got together one night and didn’t see each other again until they began working together on a show. Their journey together was fun, and full of wonderful conflict. This one was well written with a great performance from Erin Mallon. Tom Taylorson was a new narrator for me. He did a great job.

The short novella Ch ch ch ch changes packed a big punch. I not only loved the topics this addressed, but the conflict and characters had me devouring this one during my workout. The narrators really brought this story to life.

I received this audiobook book in exchange for an honest review.


1 month ago

Amazing box set!

**Audiobook Review**

I’m so excited for volume 2 of the “Boston Classics” series to be released. 2 full length novels and novella make it a great set. Each book brings all the nostalgia out and all my favorite things from the 80s and 90s. Each book is so special and brings real life issues to the front in a positive and profound way.

You Spin Me

This was hands down my favorite book from the series. “You Spin Me” is a sweet, fun and emotional 80’s retro romance that I could not stop listening to as Cal and Jess worked through their physical and emotional scars.

I loved how realistic this story was right from the beginning. Cal’s tragic accident that shaped him and changed who he was. Jess had so many super relatable as a woman that I connected with and I know others will too. Some things were so tough and sad to hear about but Karen Grey did an amazing job of writing it with so much respect. Cal stole my heart right from the beginning and I found myself several times wishing he was real. Jess is someone who I connect with right away and I loved her drive for acting and the big aha moment she had at the end. These two are incredibly sweet together and were exactly what each other needed.

Vanessa Edwin and Eric Michael Summerer were so perfect as Jess and Cal. This is an emotional story with so many layers and their performances were amazing. I loved the radio promos and commercials before each chapter, that made it an even more amazing audio experience.

Child of Mine

As an 80’s baby and a 90’s child, give me all the nostalgia stories by Karen Grey. Bella and Henry’s story pulled me in from the beginning.

I absolutely loved the timeline and how this story was written. Bella became an instant favorite for me. Her past wasn’t easy growing up on a soap opera in her teenage years to overcome addiction. Bella is an amazing mom who loves her daughter fiercely and wants the best for her. To make sure her past doesn’t affect her. And you can’t help but fall for Henry just like Bella did. His personality and want to be the best Dad he can be wins you over from the start. I loved how there he was for Bella from the beginning. He wanted to reconnect as much as her but also respected her and the friendship they were forming. This series is so much fun and I hope we get more installments.

Erin Mallon was absolutely amazing as Bella. She brought all of Bella’s emotions and humor to life. Tom Taylorson is a new to me narrator and he was the perfect choice for Henry. I will definitely be looking for more books narrated by him.


“Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes” follows Dee and Sam through several years of their first meeting and relationship. Karen wrote a wonderful story of two people meeting and how they navigated life over the years. Each chapter was a little bit into the future and so relatable. Dee is a strong woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind and advocate for herself. Sam is the supportive partner every person deserves in life and I loved him in every part of their story. The story is fun, has heart and isn't afraid to talk about tough situations people and couples go through.

Patty R.

1 month ago

My kind of series!

This series pushes all the right buttons for me. Yes, an 80's kid, I can relate to it all! This one takes us on the soap opera journey, with interjections of upcoming plots. You Spin Me: We meet Jessica as she is turning thirty, losing her job and having difficulty finding acting jobs. That in between stage of being the catch of the day or playing the mom is niggling at her and she does not want to lose her youth. One night, she calls into the local radio station to answer a contest, and here her life is about to change. We meet Cal, the DJ and the two hit it off. Nightly phone calls for these two lonely people lead something of a relationship. But when they meet, will it all change? Narration by Vanessa Edwin and Eric Michael Summerer is spot on! It could not have been cast better. Edwin plays Jessica with an emotional edge. Summerer had me with his first clip. I was laughing and enjoying each one.

Child of Mine: Bella is a child star with a checkered past. She had maintained her career as a soap opera star, but now lives at home over her mother's bookstore with her daughter. She never thought she would bump into Henry ever again. But the stars align, and now she is faced with telling him her secret. Will he ever be able to understand her decisions? What will he think when he learns of her past? And will their budding relationship withstand the outside pressures?
Erin Mallon and Tom Taylorson are our story tellers, and with these two, you know we are in for a treat. Mallon voices Bella with a strong and independent sound adding a hint of self doubt and vulnerability. Taylorson has a warmth to his voice that is unmistakably sweet.

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes finishes the box set out and it's a book I could easily relate to. Sam and Dee's relationship is enjoyed from year to year. These two meet in the parking lot of a Planned Parenthood where they were both volunteering and Sam was taken with her. Going for coffee leads to marriage, kids and life choices. Each year a new decision or milestone and it's fabulous. With Carly Robyns and Bradley Ford they bring out all the different emotions a couple goes through. Maybe because I can see myself in the story, I enjoyed this story immensely and though it was a fantastic way to end the box set.


1 month ago

Such Good Books

Boston Classics Vol. 2 is a go-to when I want to listen to a 90s romance.

You Spin Me is my favorite out of the series. Cal may have have had his scars mostly on the outside but Jess had a bunch on the inside. They perfectly matched. So I was listening to this book and before I knew it, it was at the end. This book I wished would go on a lot longer. I wanna know what happens now, do they get married, break up, move in together. I need more. Vanessa Edwin and Eric Michael Summerer did an amazing job bringing this book to life.

Child of Mine is about Bella and Henry having a one night stand and making an opps. I love this book, I like almost anything that is 80s or 90s. The main characters are the best, I had no problem getting hooked on they're story. Scandal always has that effect. This series is about 80s and 90s love stories and they are stand alones, each story is so easy to get caught up in. I like this author and her writing, I can only hope she continues to write more stories like these. Erin Mallon and Tom Taylorson are so soothing when listening to them read a book. They seem to fit these characters, bringing them to life.

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes is the only one of these books that os set in the 2000's. Dee and Sam's work is centered around abortion, Sam being a nurse and Dee being a lawyer. I agree with the ideas in this novella, I'm glad this book is written, it seems like abortion is a taboo subject. This story is too short I wish there was more. Carly Robins and Bradley Ford voiced this book perfectly. I like listening to them read.

Way to go Karen Grey on another set of awesome books.