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I think the meaning of this book will be readily revealed to the unbiased reader, and the reason I have put the individual, self-contained sections into the chosen sequence will be understood. 
Whoever receives this book into himself in the way intended will surely not regret having read it, – indeed, I believe: he will read it often, until he awakens to that ‘resurrection’ which is neither a miracle beyond understanding nor arbitrary grace, but the spiritually ordained vocation of every man on this earth!

Bô Yin Râ

All supreme wisdom resides in being 
and not in ‘thinking’. – – 
Only deepest reality in true being 
can enlighten you with true 
Thinking that is but ‘thinking’ 
leads along false paths – 
True being alone brings forth 
thoughts full of grace! 
All supreme wisdom flows 
from the fullness of life – – 
Never can your thinking alone 
give you supreme wisdom!

The book "Resurrection" is truly a Gospel, a happy message, a book of happiness, of life and clarity. and those who grasp how to read it, and read it frequently for the sake of living it, those receive from this book the water of life in their prepared hearts. Those find the way to their resurrection, each to their own calling set by the spirit.

Hans Christoph Ade (Kempten (D) 1888 - Munich (D) 1981)


Contents in English

The knowledge of the wise 
Rule and coincidence 
Fruitless effort 
The carnival of the occult 
Inner voices 
The magic of fear 
The limits to omnipotence 
The new life 
Festive joy 
The value of laughter 
Mastering oneself 

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