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The Mystery of Golgotha

As the Master of Nazareth suffered in his most exalted hours the death he had continually sought, and finally found, on the Roman gallows, he accomplished something which was incomparably greater than what so many before and after him did who sacrificed their lives on this earth to their conviction. – 
The one who died on the cross at Golgotha was the only one there who knew in all clarity what was happening. Only he was able, through this “death of love”, to break the bars which had locked the gateway to freedom for spiritual man ever since he had been subjected to the beast of this earth and to the impulses and inclinations of this beast to such a degree that redemption from beastly destiny hardly seemed possible any more. – 
Only “one with knowledge” could recognise that it was possible for the highest act of love of a man to reawaken a spiritual power within the sphere of human might, – to awaken it in such a way that it could be grasped by all who proved to be threateningly enveloped by the creepers of beastly instincts, – that only one who had merged the beast with his spiritual into a new being could pave the way for those who wanted to follow him. – 
Truly: – this “one with knowledge” had to be, at the same time, a Man of love to an unheard of extent in order to be able to bring about the intended deed. For many before him possessed the same knowledge and yet were unable to overcome the horror of the deed, although certainly they were not lacking in love. – – 
The path to the spirit was thus opened up by Jesus of Nazareth to all those who want to bring to life in themselves, that what was his life. –
The God in the beast had united within himself the beast into that new being which he was accustomed to call the “Son of Man”, the “Son” spiritual man propagates in the beast when he overcomes the beast which enslaved him by revealing to him his power and beauty. – 
The same occurs in each of the “Luminaries of the First Light”, but none found within himself that over-abundance of love which would have led him to perform the deed by which the Master of Nazareth awoke a power to new life for which attainment the wisest always strove, however without being able to make it of use to others in the same way. – 
It was not death in itself which led to the renewal of this power in the spiritual aura of the earth; nor was it achieved by the tortures which preceded the death of the Master.
The power of love alone was able to bring about the miracle! – – – 
The fact that he who suffered torture and death, could “forgive” humanity, forgive until the last death rattle, that alone was his effective “redemptive deed”. For according to spiritual law, spiritual man, wherever he lives on earth, overcome by the beast and thus entangled in debt, is released from his dependence through love, – in as far as he just takes the hand offered him in help; in as far as he assimilates within himself what had become “flesh and blood” of the Luminary, in order to unite the beast to the spirit within him… 
Only the one to whom “the Father had given everything” could bring such “forgiveness” encompassing all humanity! 
Profound truth is concealed under the mantle of myth when the old account has the Master “descend” after his death on the cross to the souls of the righteous from ancient times. For the consequence of his deed is not fixed in time, – it makes itself felt to those departed long ago as well as to those born only after thousands of years. –


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The Mystery Of Golgotha
The most dreadful of our enemies
Love and hatred
The growth of the soul
Spiritual guidance
Occult practices
Spiritualist mediums and artistic creation
At the source of life
“Admission to the White Lodge
Foolish inventions

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