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There could develop endlessly more happiness in many marriages if one were to make more effort to strive always for unanimity! – – 
People too frequently underestimate the value of harmony as the preserver of happiness; otherwise they would not so often disturb it for the sake of futile things: – in order to win victories over each other for the sake of ‘opinions’ and ‘viewpoints’ which in truth are of little weight, if in the other hand one is weighing one’s happiness! – – – 
Through all sorts of trifles they jeopardise the harmony of their marriage, – and if all those married couples who saw their happiness shattered were to ask what was the initial incident causing the subsequent disintegration, it would emerge more frequently than one might think that it was generally ridiculous disturbances to unanimity which brought about the destruction of marital happiness, – even if later on other reasons were created which would not have come about, had the couple not estranged themselves beforehand. – – – 
I am not speaking here of the ‘know-it-all attitude’ and ‘stubbornness’ which are both to be regarded as the defence of stupidity, or as the pitifully contemptible shield of dull rigidity, and as such are known to be a ‘horror’ to everyone flexible in thought and free in soul in every association in life: – a ‘horror’ which only pity can banish and irony can scare away! – –
Instead I am speaking of that sort of disturbance of harmony where the differences are really significant and yet conciliation would be possible if good sense and trust were to try lovingly to find the basis for a possible covenant, – and finally I am speaking of a folly whose view of life seems to be destroyed if for the sake of harmony white is to be defined as ‘black’ and black as ‘white’! – –


Contents in English

First Chapter
On the sublime holiness of marriage
Second Chapter
On love
Third Chapter
On togetherness
Fourth Chapter
On suffering and joy
Fifth Chapter
On temptation and danger
Sixth Chapter
On the pressures of everyday life
Seventh Chapter
On the will to unanimity
Eighth Chapter
On inheriting happiness
Ninth Chapter
On eternal attachment

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