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Purge it Plan E-Book | Detoxify Your Body Digital Download E-Book | Recipes for Detoxing Your Body | Weight Loss | Reset Your Body and Mind

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Does your body resemble the temple it was created to be? Or are you treating it like a trash can eating whatever, whenever, and however?

The Purge it Plan helps busy professionals purge their bodies of unwanted pounds, mental fog, compacted waste, and a lack of clarity, so they can focus on the important work they were put here to do, their purpose.

Welcome to the Purge it Plan where you’ll discover:

- How to start treating your body like a temple and stop treating it like a trash can

- How your work culture contributes to your mental and physical health

- How your diet is affecting your work performance

- What foods improve mental clarity

- The spiritual significance and benefits of purging

- How to make your mental and physical health a priority

- Which foods detoxify and cleanse the body

- What foods balance your sugar levels

- How to avoid the 3 PM slump at work

- How to reset your mind and create a shift toward new habits

- How food affects your ability to make quick decisions and execute them with precision

Your download includes instructions to download your e-book. Simply click on the link and it will download to your device.

Nothing ships, this is a digital PDF. 

Purge it Plan includes:

- Over 45 gluten-free, refined sugar-free, and wheat-free yummy recipes to clean, cleanse, and clear the body and mind

- Recipes that can be made in less than 30-minutes

- Research-based evidence for the Purge it Plan foods

- Shopping lists for each of the three phases

- Purge it Food Glossary with the benefits of Purge it foods

- Meal Prepping 101 for Busy Professionals

- Done for You Daily Dinner Themes so you don’t have to think about what to cook for dinner

- Scalable meals for large or small families

Purge it Plan will teach you how to purge toxic foods, people, and places so you can focus on the important work you were put here to do... your purpose.

You will get a PDF (58KB) file

Purge it Plan - Body and Mind Reset Course

Purge it Plan Digital Food Tracker | Unlimited Pages | Daily Meal Planner | GoodNotes or Printable | Grocery List | Food Prep | Meal Tracker | Weekly Meal Planner |


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