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Purge it Plan E-Book | Detoxify Your Body Digital Download E-Book | Recipes for Detoxing Your Body | Weight Loss | Reset Your Body and Mind


Detox Diary Prep for the Purge, Digital Journal with Unlimited Pages, Printable, Goodnotes, Journal Mind, Body, Soul, Faith Based, Declutter Pantry, Reflection Journal


Purge it Plan Digital Food Tracker | Unlimited Pages | Daily Meal Planner | GoodNotes or Printable | Grocery List | Food Prep | Meal Tracker | Weekly Meal Planner |


Weekly Habit Tracker, Unlimited Pages, Habit Checklist, GoodNotes, Printable, Goal Tracker, Weekly Habits Tracker, Projects, Workouts, Diet Tracker, HW


Monthly Habit Tracker, Unlimited Pages, Habit Checklist Tracker GoodNotes, Printable, 30 Days Habits Tracker, Weight Loss, Workouts, HW, Goals, Chores, Routine


Digital Daily, Weekly, Monthly Reflections, Unlimited Pages, Weekly Reflection Journal, Monthly Review Worksheet, Gratitude Journal, Weekly Review, GoodNotes or Print


About Me

Welcome to my store.

I'm a health researcher, keynote speaker, and consultant specializing in racial and ethnic health disparities.

I'm also a business owner, and a busy mom of four, including triplets. So, I know what it means to be busy and productive.

My books, The Purge it Plan, and Purge it with Patti, as well as my digital tools, are based on research and evidence-based practices on health and well-being to help busy, high-performing professionals, executives, and business owners purge the distractions, and prioritize their health so they can focus on what matters most to them.