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Change of Wind and Storms (Song of Dragonfire Book Two) - eBook

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My name is Fliss, and a storm is brewing on the horizon, threatening to claim all that is mine.

My dragon, Smok, has sworn to protect me, yet he cannot stop the nightmares of my past. I find myself broken, unwhole, until I discover that Smok's brothers are still alive... and they desire to claim me as their mate.

With three dragons at my side, I must put together the mystery of my past lives. Someone has been hunting me since the dawn of time, and the truth of who I really am will shake the entire world. Yet I have stirred the anger of a goddess, and she will spare me no mercy.

My dragons cannot save me from the storm that is coming. The wind of destiny is changing, spurring me onward toward hope... or destruction. The choice is mine to make.


The second book in the magical Song of Dragonfire series promises even more dragons, adventure, and romance! The shocking ending is one readers will never see coming!

Author: Megan Linski

Publisher: Gryfyn Publishing

Page Count: 214 pages

Age: 18+

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