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French Waltzes: Valse à Bouscatel / Valse - harmony sheet music for strings, duets, trios and quartets

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Harmony arrangements of two traditional waltzes from Central France, provided as pdf digital sheet music. The two tunes in this download are 'Valse à Bouscatel' and an unnamed tune which was labeled simply 'Valse'.

You'll receive pdf sheet music scores with individual instrument parts. The score comes in three versions:

* String quartet (two violins, viola and cello)
* Violin trio plus cello (viola part adapted for violin 3)
* Violin trio plus viola (cello part transposed up an octave for viola)

There are chords for an accompanying instrument, and I've also indicated a note to be played as a drone for each tune - as these tunes are traditionally played on bagpipes and hurdy gurdies. 

Using different scores, you can play the arrangements on different groups of instruments, and the parts don't all have to be played at once - they can be used in duets and trios as well as quartets.

To hear what the arrangement sounds like, please visit:

You will get the following files:
  • PDF (66KB)
  • PDF (67KB)
  • PDF (64KB)

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