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QFT Frequency Healers Master Training With Starsinger, Dr. Amber Ortega & The QFT Ground Crew

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The QFT Elite Frequency Healers Master Tool Kit, includes:

The Tachyon Plasma Quantum Harmonizer GSI (Desktop Only)

Quantum Frequency technologies Desktop Version

All levels unlocked including Master For up to 3 Desktop Computers

The Sapphire QFT Master Software

Six weekly live Zoom Training Calls with Dr. Amber Ortega, Starsinger And The QFT Ground Crew.

Personal Tachyon Plasma Pyramid For your Precise Location.

Activated Tachyon Plasma Crystal Pack

Sound Healing for Psychics desktop software

Lifetime access to QFTNEXUS App

Access to QFT Frequency Healers Community (group chat, support, and guidance)

Bonus upgrades only revealed in the first class

To fully maximize your experience with the QFT Master Software, it is essential to have a powerful computer capable of running the desktop versions seamlessly. We highly recommend using older Computers with a minimum of 8 GB RAM for optimal performance. If you are using a Mac operating system, versions from Mojave to Big Sur are known to work best, while for PC users, Windows 10 is recommended. Additionally, it is advisable to designate a dedicated computer solely for running the QFT Software to ensure uninterrupted usage and efficiency. Prepare yourself for an unparalleled journey into the world of QFT with the right technological setup for a seamless exploration of its limitless possibilities.

Embark on a transformative journey by signing up for the QFT class today. Upon registration, you will receive comprehensive instructions providing you with all the essential details, including course dates, times, and preparations. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of quantum frequencies, where you will unlock the secrets of QFT and harness its extraordinary power.

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About us

Dr. Amber Ortega holds a PhD in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences with a specialization in Analytical Chemistry from CU-Boulder (2015), an Integrated Bachelors & Masters Degree in Meteorology from Penn State (2008), and was a Postdoctoral Fellow in Chemical Engineering at the University of Arizona (2016). She’s an Advanced Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear Air Dispersion Modeler from the Defense Nuclear Weapons School at Kirtland AFB (2018) and a former US Department of Energy Office of Science Graduate Fellow (2010-2013). Currently, she’s a Federal Agent tasked with Wildland Fires, Air Quality, and Smoke Sciences. Additionally, she’s an Ordained Minister in the Lineage of Sophia (2017), a Graduate of All Season’s Chalice Path of the Ceremonial Art’s Priestess Training (2014) and Elemental High Priestess (2017) dedicated to weaving science and spirit for planetary harmonizing and healing. She has been Head Priestess to Star Singer since 2016, serving as Scientific Midwife/Doula in birthing the Quantum Frequency Technologies and Chief Science Officer.

Star Singer is an esteemed luminary, a revered Galactic Priestess with profound initiations across seven distinct lineages. Her journey of spiritual enlightenment encompasses the sacred teachings of Huna on Maui, the profound 13 Moon Planetary Priestess Work under the tutelage of Ariel Spilsbury, the mystical realms of Druid White Wizardry within a lineage of Grand Masters, and the honored support of the Lakota Sun Dance, culminating in her initiation into the revered traditions of Ifa and Oshun, earning her the esteemed title of Iyalode, which translates to "Mother of Women."

Driven by her visionary insights and deep connection with the Divine, Starsinger birthed the transformative Seven7Sisters Prophecy, unveiling the original creation blueprint bestowed upon her by the Elohim. This divine revelation guided her in the creation of the groundbreaking Quantum Frequency Technologies (QFT), a fusion of technology and spiritual essence. By harnessing the power of this technology, individuals can activate their unique light codes, thereby amplifying and refining their innate galactic gifts. This profound offering is a testament to Starsinger's commitment to elevating collective human consciousness, fostering networks of individuals who can activate their highest galactic potential and co-create a nexus of spiritual and practical human development.

Within the realm of QFT, Starsinger weaves ethereal instrumentation, charged with the pure essence of source energy, to generate sublime Sound Healing frequencies. In harmonious union with the celestial symphony, she translates the intricate movements of celestial bodies into exquisite sound frequencies, enveloping participants in the profound embrace of the music of the spheres (musica universalis). These meticulously encoded galactic light streams, embedded within the digital fabric of this transformative tool, manifest as mastered sound and light emanations, encapsulated within a quantum light packet of information.

Star Singer's journey is one of profound wisdom, ancient traditions, and visionary creativity, manifesting in the transformative power of Quantum Frequency Technologies. Her mastery and dedication continue to illuminate paths of ascension, beckoning individuals to embrace their true galactic potential and embark on a journey of self-discovery, spiritual enlightenment, and harmonious co-creation.

The QFT Ground Crew is an extraordinary collective of exceptional women who have traversed an awe-inspiring journey alongside Starsinger, accumulating years of profound one-on-one galactic training. With unwavering devotion and unwavering commitment, they lend their support to the perpetuation and advancement of the Quantum Frequency Technologies (QFT). Operating behind the scenes, their multifaceted expertise encompasses the realms of marketing, writing, and the guardianship of this remarkable galactic Legacy. Their unparalleled dedication fuels the evolution and dissemination of this groundbreaking technology, ensuring its transformative power reaches far and wide, guiding individuals on a path of ascension and galactic mastery. The QFT Ground Crew stands as a testament to the exceptional caliber of individuals involved in this cosmic endeavor, emboldening the collective human consciousness to embrace their highest potential and unlock the limitless possibilities of the Quantum Frequency Technologies.

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2 months ago

Incredible, activating

Star's classes are like no other I've ever taken. Each class is like a journey of its own- the light codes and downloads (along with Dr. Ortega's wisdom and scientific explanations) carry me through the week and with the assistance of the QFT. Star explains that you are the intelligence, the Quantum Frequency Technologies assist your own superconsciousness as a tool to activate and expand while learning energetic hygiene and protection practices integral to these times.

I can't recommend these classes enough. And can't wait to be back for the next one!

Steve McConchie

2 months ago

Healers Master Training With Starsinger, Dr. Amber Ortega & The QFT Ground Crew

This Masters course will change your life FOREVER as it has changed mine. I have so many incredible experiences within every class I've taken.

I've now taken the masters twice and cannot wait to go again and again and again! Its like a galactic family of intelligence on every level. Every class is super charged with so many life changing ways to use the Frequency Technologies it's surpasses all expectations and did I mention you get activated tachyon infused crystals hand picked by Star Singer herself which will not only boost the tech but help you achieve mastery quicker?! Phe..nom..enal!

Dr Amber Ortega will blow you off the pages with her INCREDIBLE knowledge within science and spirituality intertwined into this phenomenal course. Amber's intelligence defies the laws of gravity!

I couldn't be happier on this planet without taking this course and learning ways to enhance my place on this earth.

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou !
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