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Deadwood or Alive: Otherworld Outlaws 2 (a Weird West Celtic Mythology Adventure)

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Turns out shooting a Pinkerton is a crime—even if he is a werewolf.

Book 2 in the Otherworld Outlaws series, an action-packed romp through the Wild West, loaded with living myths, dark magic, and bloodthirsty monsters aplenty.

On the run from US marshals, Lula and her motley crew—Hattie, Toxicore, and Uncle Paddy, lately resurrected as a cat—head for Deadwood. Lula hopes to find Dagda’s cauldron before the Morrígan or Brigid does, but sinister crows, diminutive dragons, and folks dropping dead from the unusual illness of being bled dry are just a few of the issues hindering her search. And now she has a bigger problem: her face is on every wanted poster from the Dakota Territories to Boston. Lula’s uncle once told her she was as pretty as a picture, but this isn’t quite the same thing.

To clear her name, she would have to convince the law that magic and fairies are just as real as poker and horses. Not likely to happen. With her enemies closing in, she best find that cauldron before the law or the warring queens of the Tuatha Dé Danann find her.

But finding the cauldron and taking it are two different things… especially when its monstrous ancient guardian has other ideas.

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