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Nadia's Children (epub)

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The ancient prophecy has been fulfilled, and the Alpha has arrived. In the wilds of Mexico, the Old Ones gather around Shara as she awaits the birth of a child fathered by Thomas McGrath. Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, Kiona and Chris struggle to keep Joey hidden in the Arkansas swamps, desperately hoping that their treachery will remain undiscovered. In California, Fenris seethes with frustration over missed opportunities.

As Joey grows into adulthood, an unknown sister, Morrigan, comes of age under the tutelage of Holle, an Old One with a sinister agenda. Trusts are broken and new alliances are formed as Shara and Thomas try to keep control of their powerful daughter. With the Pack gathering and Holle determined to see a return to the dark days of the ancient world, the stage is set for an apocalyptic battle that will alter the course of destiny forever. If you enjoyed Stephen King's The Stand, you'll love The Werewolf Saga.

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