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Motivated to change your eating habits but struggling to stay on track?

Imagine not having to try to fight to maintain your habit changes. 


Imagine not having to deploy your rapidly depleting reservoir of willpower because you are doing what naturally suits you.  


Imagine knowing the subconscious barriers you have that may be impeding your progress.


Imagine setting yourself objectives that are in tune rather than at odds with yourself.


Imagine things just clicking into place and being able to achieve the right objectives for you.


Imagine having the right tools that help you know yourself.


Just imagine what you could achieve. 


If you start a new way of eating without addressing habit change, then you may be setting yourself up to slip back into your old habits and having to start all over again.

My health coaching course 'Unleash the Change' empowers you to discover the habits, limiting factors, barriers and subconscious saboteurs that are hindering your progress. Empowering you with the knowledge and tools for you to implement new habits so that you can easily integrate your new habits.

Clients tend to think that health coaching is all about weight loss...

My biggest success was with a client who has been battling atopic eczema since she was 6 months old. 


Julie (name changed for privacy) came to me because she was desperate. Having atopic eczema flares on her hands and face was stopping her from living her life. She was so embarrassed to go out with puffy eyes and bleeding fingers and she was starting to isolate herself and refuse invitations. 


The thing is Julie knew that she reacted to certain foods. She had done tests with her dermatologist and had the lab results to prove it.  Even with these official diagnoses the fact that eating those foods would ‘only’ trigger her eczema rather than an anaphylactic shock, meant that whilst she avoided those foods at home, she didn’t dare refuse foods when she went to others’ houses. So, she kept triggering the flare and it couldn’t never settle properly, causing pain and unhappiness.


Working with Julie in a health coaching capacity made her realise that keeping her own inflammation at bay was critical and that with a little preparation and forewarning, her hosts wouldn’t be offended if she said no to something. She found that her friends were only too happy to find alternatives so that she could fully participate. The coaching also helped her make other changes to her diet that supported her skin health and now flares are rare. 


So don’t think that health coaching is only good for one thing. It is the key to habit change, whatever the reason you need to change your way of eating. 

If diet that can solve your symptoms or weight issues sounds too good to be true, then it probably won’t live up to its promises.

It’s my clinical experience that there is no one-size-fits-all diet. A way of eating may very well work well for some people but may then have the opposite effect for others. 


Even if an exact meal plan does work for you at the outset, how do you maintain it forever? 


We all wish we could wave a magic wand and for us to be able to change the way we eat instantaneously and forever. Unfortunately, it’s not the way it works. 


Changing the way, we eat takes time. Firstly, because we have to find our own path of what suits us best, without compromising our health. Secondly because changing our habits in a life context that usually stays the same, takes time and guidance.


That is why I’ve created an online, self-guided course, called ‘Unleash the change. Discover the habits and barriers hampering your efforts’ and it’s for people that want change their habits sustainably and for the long term.  

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Unleash the Change - Self-guided health coaching course


I am Jessica Fonteneau Registered Nutritional Therapist and Nutritionist mBANT. 

From early in my clinical career, I realised that providing nutrition and lifestyle recommendations wasn't enough, clients need help to change the habits of a lifetime and an understanding of which subconscious barriers may be impeding their progress. 

Each of my one-to-one programmes now systematically includes health coaching as standard. I developed this self-guided online course in response to those who contact me saying that whilst they have a good idea of what nutrition and lifestyle recommendations they should be following, they struggle with consistency.  

Whilst I do offer a one-to-one programme of a single consultation and guided health coaching,  there has also been demand over the years for a self-guided version that could be followed at a person’s own pace and leisure and here it is.

Please note that this self-guided course doesn't provide any nutrition recommendations. 

What people are saying

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Very good experience with Jessica Fonteneau. Her coaching method is very professional.

She is a good listener and knows how to adapt her program to the needs of her clients. I highly recommend her!

— FH Mougins

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Her wellness and nutrition coaching was exactly what I needed. I was most impressed with the approach, method and effectiveness. After a few sessions, I could see changes in myself not particularly physical but in my mind. I am so excited about the changes to come.

— Tully

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Jessica not only helped me to lose my weight, but above all she helped me to understand myself, to know myself so that I could be independent.

— Amandine