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Own Your Joy : Goal-Setting & Relaxation

FIVE 50-Minute Video Sessions

Goal-Setting (15-pages) & The Mindfulness Starter Kit (15-pages)

Self-Love, Finding Peace: Work & Home, & Relaxation Exercises

Email me at to schedule your FIVE 50-minute sessions.

TWO pages pinpoint where you are in YOUR PROCESS of practicing mindfulness

The COMPONENTS of mindfulness are detailed in SIX pages and how you can APPLY these PRINCIPLES to your practice. 

In TWO pages, you will learn STRATEGIES to cope with your FEELINGS by challenging and acknowledging your thoughts. Our bodies signal what we are feeling and what we need. By gaining INSIGHT into our PHYSICAL experiences, we are better able to identify what we are feeling.

ONE page highlights the BENEFITS of mindfulness and how these translate to the WORKPLACE. 

FOUR pages are devoted to informal mindfulness practice that you can use anytime and anywhere.

Reinvent Yourself: Goal-Setting Workbook (15-pages) 

Understanding Your Goals
In this assessment tool, you will gain awareness of obstacles that interfere with your goals. 

Time Management & Prioritizing
This worksheet contains an area for you to prioritize tasks, while delineating your expectations and possible reasons for procrastination. 

Values & Developing Confidence
This tool helps us understand whether our values align with our goals. We need to reflect upon our accomplishments and how these contribute to our ability to continue to pursue our goals. 

Goal-Setting & Anticipating Obstacles
In the process of achieving our goals, we may encounter obstacles. This worksheet outlines different ways that we can challenge thoughts and situations that may hamper our progress.

10 Videos (on Self-Love, Finding Joy & Peace at Work & At Home & Relaxation Exercises)

Six videos elaborate upon what's in your control, and finding more energy and joy in your life. I go over specific ways that you can bring more meaning into your life. These videos are about finding that self-compassion even when you're irritated or tired. I've also included ways to de-stress throughout the day. A key part in my work is acknowledging what you're going through and giving yourself permission to feel that way. Another area that I cover focuses on motivation and what we can do to feel more inspired. 

Sometimes we need that reminder that self-care doesn't always require lots of time or money. I've shared four videos with breathing, grounding, and guided imagery exercises. You'll find that the more that you practice these exercises that the more you'll practice them automatically throughout the day. So take a breather and relax!!

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