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Save Your Neighborhood Ebook

First, this book is intended for those who are Men
and Women of Great Courage. If you intend to
rebuild America, you will be criticized, condemned,
misunderstood, and even worst. Those close to you
may attempt to have your mind examined as to why
you feel that in the face of all the obstacles that exist,
that you can make a difference. Do not fret. You must
understand that this effort has to be larger than you.
What you sacrifice today is nothing compared to
what many throughout history sacrificed before the
enlightenment period. Before many understood how
to even think rationally on ideals that today are yet
so simple. Do not loose hope, as the waters could get
rough. This purpose is and must be bigger than you.
The purpose is much larger than your bank account.
Do understand that you can indeed, however, become
very wealthy. Your financial wealth, though, will be
commensurate with your dedication to the WAHM. Be
not deceived, as is evidenced currently by the blood of
my brow; this is no walk in the park.
However, it is for those who understand that when
nothing is ventured, nothing is gained. If you follow
this track, you will be a guiding light for the many that
will follow you one day. Please understand this: One day
this life will come to an end. At that point, you will be
judged by the fruit you produced and not the fertilizer
you spread. Will you be able to say that you STOOD on
PRINCIPLE, that you did what was good for the entire
community, and not just what was politically correct? If


I could teach you how to do this and at the same time
help you become wealthy would you be interested?
Come with me through this journey. I promise to show
you how to "Rebuild America" one neighborhood at a
time. No tax credits needed, No special governmental
incentives required. No gifts from banking institutions
necessary. We can do this TOGETHER.
You do not have to have any money Money is attracted,
not pursued. It will show up when you need it most.
Be very careful whose money you accept. First, you
must understand that you must have the desire in your
heart to really make a positive difference. And, that
you are willing to sacrifice your time for this cause—
and what a cause it is. Once you have done this, just
pick the number. Increase your level of service for this
cause and your money will catch up to your service. If
you want to give a million dollars worth of service, you
will become a millionaire. If you want to give away a
billion dollars of service in this model, you will become
a billionaire. The choice is yours.
This book is intended for a number of audiences. First it
is intended for those who care about the ones who have
fallen through the traditional "safety net" and those
who are concerned about our missing working class.
Unfortunately, the safety net today is broken. The good
news is that people at the first-tier have the power to
rebuild their own net and to own the boat which pulls
it. All you have to do is to direct and encourage them.
They will come with you and surprise even their own
families with their positive growth. This is totally about
reaching out and looking up. Stay focused. Keep your
eyes on the goal. Do not let the outside noise through
you off-track. It's just noise in the background.


For those who do not care about the first-tier, and who
think for some reason that they are above the effect
that the downtrodden have on our economy, crime rate,
and world image, hopefully through these pages, you
will see that there is a direct correlation between the
pain that those in the first-tier feel and the reality that
you experience on a daily basis.
Community leaders who are charged with the duty
and the pleasure of dedicating their lives to making a
positive change in the community that they live in, you
will find specific instructions on how to mobilize and
uplift your communities and neighborhoods.
Clergy will find through these pages the opportunity to
do a lot more than rebuild lives, but will also learn how
to reach the soul and heart of many in the community
who are tired of seeing their boys go to jail or early
graves, who are tired of seeing condemned houses in
their communities "falling down around their ears," who
are tired of being victims of economics that they had no
part in creating, who are tired of living in their current
condition and desperately want to realize a change.
Politicians will find through these pages answers to the
most difficult questions facing inner cites today. Crime,
gang violence, infant mortality, poverty, homelessness,
and joblessness are just a few of the ills that the WAHM
will change. Not only that, but they will also find an
avenue to personally get involved in the redevelopment
of projects where they may help to feed their own
families better, despite the limited salaries that they
sometimes receive for the full-time public service that
they render. And, hopefully, they will not fall victim to
the tactics used by others to tempt them with small


change at the expense of losing their political positions
and being victims of public disgrace. By purchasing,
rehabbing, and selling quality homes to first-time
homebuyers privately and encouraging their city to do
the same, they will be a direct participant in increasing
wealth for the total community.
Bankers will wake up to the opportunities that await
them in an untapped goldmine of development
opportunity in America where they will be surprised that
the numbers work better than any other marketplace in
the country. No tax credits are needed. No handouts
are needed. No contributions are needed: Just plain
good business. They will also find that there is no
reason to receive a "poor" rating from the Comptroller
of the Currency relative to their CRA performance—
that there are countless ways to make good loans to
first-time homebuyers and redevelopers in the inner
city based on sound banking principles, just as there are
in other communities. They will find the benefit of not
waiting until rebel non-profits stage protests at their
shareholders meetings to force positive involvement
and positive contribution to their community.
Investors who are interested in buying homes in this
marketplace to redevelop will receive millions of dollars
of valuable advice on what to do, as well as millions of
dollars of advice on what not to do, to make affordable
home redevelopment in America a reality, while at the
same time building a profitable real estate redevelopment


This book is dedicated to all of those who believed in
Alpine's WAHM. For those who had the courage and
the faith to believe that there could be a better way of
life for many at the first-tier. That quality affordable
housing could be a reality. That it was bigger than ROI,
that it was bigger than what they could take, but that
it was, and is still, all about what one would give. To
those who saw me and the WAHM tarred and feathered
by some who came into the model to rob and steal and
who had no vision but were filled with greed, those who
had no passion to make any positive change. For those
others who only wanted to divide and conquer at the
expense of the rest. To those warriors who did and still
do believe in me and in the model. Those who have
supported me during this critical financial crisis period,
where I have received one of the greatest educations I
have ever learned about the worst in people. To all of
my supporters, I shall remain eternally grateful.
To you, I would say thanks for hanging in there with me
and, ifyou are able, just hold on a little while longer. You
will soon see, along with me, that "unearned suffering"
is indeed "redemptive." Help is on the way! The
model will perfect itself. But it will not be through slick
Attorneys who encouraged and allowed the devaluation
and stripping of your homes.
For those who sought to destroy me after you no longer
could take advantage of me and the model, I forgive you.
Some of you were my closest friends. It has, however,
been charged to your head and not to your heart; For,
I do believe that all people are inherently good. To you


though, I would say thanks for the tough lessons in
corporate sabotage and character assassinations. I have
taken my beatings and learned from them and, more
than that, I will teach others who aspire to do great
things to not to be moved and to always remember that,
even though they may considertheir hardships as casting
"pearls before swine," that all of us are God's children.
I hope to teach them to even love their enemies.
Hopefully, despite this difficult financial period, as we
all evolve to heights beyond your imagination. I hope
you will find forgiveness in your heart for me and any
growing pains in the model and see the real value of how
WAHM can help so many in this country and in this
world. Try to look beyond your personal preferences. I
have, and have given all that I have to this model.
I have been privileged to work with you, some of the
most brilliant minds in this world and often think about
how this model would be a billion dollar business today,
if only personal preferences were put second to the
opportunity and needed solutions in this marketplace.
There is a power that exists in the midst of pain. There
is a lot of suffering, within the LMI low to moderate
income and minority communities of America. If we
all work to cure the PAIN, the last thing in the world
we would ever have to worry about is the level of the
GAIN. God bless you all and I hope you find these words
enlightening and that you will be able to understand
where I am and the potential future of WAHM.

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