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If you have been trying to master the (raw) whole food plant-based lifestyle for a while but find it challenging to stay on track, this coaching plan provides you with the one-on-one support to finally help you succeed. When you choose this coaching plan, you will learn where you make the main mistakes that prevent you from sustaining a healthy lifestyle long term. You will have the opportunity to ask me any questions and discuss any personal challenges during our one-on-one video call.

Zuzu's raw journey coaching plan

What is included

The purpose of this coaching plan is to learn which dietary and lifestyle habits serve you and which do not. You agree to track your food and lifestyle habits for five days when you commit to this coaching session.

To do this effectively, I will share a comprehensive checklist and instructions to help you understand how to follow during these five days for maximum results.

Zuzu's raw journey coaching plan

What happens when you complete your tracking?

When you are ready with tracking your dietary and lifestyle habits, first, I will analyze your data with specific attention to macronutrients, micronutrients, and lifestyle habits. Second, I will prepare a comprehensive video report about what works for you right now and what does not and make specific suggestions about improving your current dietary and lifestyle situation. Third, I will share my report with you. Fourth, carefully watch my video report and note all questions you would like to discuss with me. Finally, we will address all your questions during our video call so that you can confidently implement all suggested changes and clear any possible confusion.

The price of this coaching package is 170 Euro. I work with PayPal payments.

What people are saying

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"Zuzanna is a fantastic coach, and not just that, she has become a real friend to me. She offers science-based and precise nutrition and lifestyle coaching while being an absolute sweetheart and a person you can count on when needed (she has always answered all my questions ASAP!)."

"Thanks to her guidance, not only have I realized the importance of certain essential nutrients that my diet is lacking, but I also have been able to identify and correct recurrent mistakes I was making in my dietary pattern and food choices."

— Francesca, Switzerland

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