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Your success lies in the daily awareness of your actions.

Many people who struggle with succeeding on the (raw) vegan whole food lifestyle repeatedly make the same mistakes because they believe that what they do is right. However, every action leads to a reaction. For example: If you think that you are eating enough calories, having enough variety in your diet, and consuming an adequate amount of fat while at the same time you do not see the results you want, something is not correct.

Awareness about what you are currently doing regarding your dietary and lifestyle choices is imperative for achieving desired outcomes. But, unfortunately, we often act from our unconscious mind. For example, think about getting up every morning and doing your morning ritual. Are you conscious of the fact that you might be skipping some essential health-promoting habits?

Similarly, we tend to adopt strict routines around our eating manners, and we even do not realize it. Therefore, it is challenging for most people to know which practices do not serve them correctly. However, over time, I observe that people who struggle on their health journey tend to act from limited beliefs regarding dietary choices and lifestyle habits, and exposing these beliefs and how they translate to everyday life always leads to significant improvements.

Furthermore, to achieve any desired lifestyle change, our ability to conceptualize our goals while maintaining a sufficient level of flexibility is vital for success. That is why I developed the 3S formula. This formula offers a simple framework for staying focused on your journey to health., especially when life becomes challenging and there is a high likelihood of you straying from your desired path.

Finally, I believe that proper education based on extensive research and long-term experience plays a vital role in gaining confidence when mastering new behaviors. That is why I continuously study and expand my knowledge base on various aspects of a sustainable holistic lifestyle. I am excited to share all I learn through my coaching sessions, ebook, and an upcoming online coaching program.

Zuzana van der Werf Kulichova

Zuzana is a highly educated mom of four girls. She has two master's degrees, one in Agricultural Economics and one in Environmental Science. Zuzana worked for more than eight years at the Delft University of Technology, managing the European Commission project, teaching, and researching. In 2016, she finished her Ph.D. that focused on the social responsibility of scientists in controversial technologies. She published three peer-reviewed articles in international scientific journals.

Besides her passion for science and education, Zuzana has been interested in the raw vegan lifestyle since 2015. Since then, she has read numerous books about healthy plant-based dietary approaches such as The Mucusless Diet Healing System, The 80/10/10 diet, The Raw Food Formula For Health, Raw, Naked and Healthy, The Detox Miracle Sourcebook, Medical Medium, Liver Rescue, Celery Juice, Creating Healthy Children, The Body Ecology Diet, How not to diet, Healing the Gerson Way, Holistic Dental Care, Dental Diet and more. Besides her interests in dietary approaches to healing, Zuzana is also passionate about literature addressing trauma and spiritual development. Her favorite books in this field are: It Did Not Start With You, In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts, When The Body Says No, Waking The Tiger, You Can Heal Your Life, Conversations With God, The End of Your World, The Power of Now, The New Earth and more. In 2020, Zuzana successfully completed the raw vegan program by Jesse and Reny Bogdanovich, and currently, she follows the Mastering Raw Food Nutrition program by Dr. Karin and Rick Dina. She shares her journey daily on her Instagram page @zuzusrawjourney.

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