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“I see. So, where do your ideas come from then?”

“I don’t know. It’s this nagging inkling of what-if.”

“I understand this nagging feeling.” The man took a step closer. “Like, this voice in my head that keeps telling me to kiss you.”

Harper’s eyes widened slightly. “What? Why?”

“Why?” He sounded surprised. “Why not? You are sexiest person in this bar. You stood out to me right away.”

Pietr Ivanov is skating into his 10th pro-hockey season with a new team, in a new city. Fresh off a successful play-off run, he’s looking forward to connecting with his teammates and settling in. When he joins his captain for drinks, he doesn’t expect the night to change his life.

Harper Wyatt has lived in Manhattan for nearly a decade. As a still-floundering author, they take the little wins where they can and their favorite place to do that is the Mounting Bison. Celebrating the publication of their second book with their besties, they anticipate a couple of drinks, lots of laughs, and then calling it an early night.

When Pietr spies Harper across the bar, he’s immediately smitten. He has no idea what “non-binary” means, but he’s open minded and willing to learn. Harper typically steers clear of the Osprey players that frequent the bar with their captain, but Pietr has zero qualms about approaching them –in the bar bathroom of all places. And thus, in the first Meet Cute of their life, Harper’s quiet, single life is upended.

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