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Do you have an idea that can make some money for you?

There's a fast way and slow way.

The slow way is to find a business partner, send in a business proposal, register a company, go for meeting after meeting, register a domain name, create a website, book a room, create a poster, prepare the slides, etc, etc, etc. Then finally you launch.

What if, nobody bites? Only the sound of crickets?

Want to try the fast way?

Craft your offer right now. Make it a no-brainer offer. Post it on social media right away. If they buy, you use the money to set up the event and create your deliverable.

This is a painless way to test market demand. If they don't bite, no loss to you. Try another one.

"I have no idea what to sell"

There are things you know that others don't know and they will pay you to learn from you.They will pay you to do it for them.

What is easy for you may be difficult for others. Example: Writing is easy for me but difficult for some people.

What is simple for you may be complicated for others who don't know the shortcuts (or hacks).
Example: I can edit a video quickly

For example, you can swim, you can punch a big bully in the groin, you can drive, you can cook, you can speak a foreign language, you know how to solve a specific problem.
You know how to lose weight without dieting.

If I force yourself to write down the list of what you can do, I am sure you can fill a page or more.

Remember, what is easy and normal for you is hard for those who don't know.

You can monetize your knowledge for quick cash.  Let me share with you more ideas, help you to package your offer, and to craft your sale posts.

You get my 86 presentation slides, 30 days of online support,

Duration: 2 hours. 
Venue: Simei or Bugis
Date: you pick the date and time. 
Investment: $100. 
Bonus: Bring along one friend for free. 

You can pay via Paynow or Paylah to tel 977 176 14, by cash or Paypal via the 'Buy' buttton.
You will get a PDF (378KB) file

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