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Strawberry Stamps for Procreate

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Strawberry Stamp Procreate: 41 Adorable Procreate Strawberry Stamps.

These 41 cute strawberry stamps for Procreate are a must-have for any digital artist looking to create adorable digital art. These adorable designs feature a variety of kawaii strawberry characters, including a charming strawberry nurse.

With these versatile stamps, you can create your own unique strawberry designs and clip art right in Procreate. Use these cute strawberry stamps to add a touch of sweetness to your digital projects, digital Procreate scrapbook pages, or social media graphics.

Whether you're an experienced digital artist or just starting out, these cute Procreate stamps are perfect for adding a playful touch to your creations. 

What you will receive:

41 Strawberry Stamps for Procreate  

*** This will be available for download as a Procreate Brushes file.

You will get a BRUSHSET (19MB) file