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Our DNA Capelet Knitting Pattern

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Our DNA is a top-down capelet worked in the round with the raglan in reverse stockinette. From the end of the ribbing to the bottom, an intricate work of cables depicting a full section of double-stranded DNA is carried over the heart with a DNA replication cable on the back.

Did You Know?
In STEM, physics and math are very well represented but there is a lack of representation of biology, which is my main area! I’m a biotechnology engineer. With this capelet, I want to show that STEM is not only physics and math: it’s also biology, shown in its most basic, simple form fundamental to all of us, DNA.

How Does it Work?
A chemist will say that the base of life is the Carbon atom (which is kind of true), but what brings life and makes us who we are is the DNA. It is the base of every living thing on earth, from flowers to trees, all animals and even bacteria. It contains all the information that makes us who we are as a whole species but also individually. It is made by a sequence of 4 nucleotides; the difference between you and me lies somewhere in the sequence. But trust me, at the core we have much more in common than meets the eye.
The cables in Our DNA show how the DNA is formed from the heart of the nucleus, as a simple cluster of nucleotides empty of meaning, to a single double-strand that opens so the DNA polymerase (the replication enzyme) can read and copy the strands of DNA to produce brand new strands that will go into new cells upon their division. Our lives depend on this process repeating over and over again.

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