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Jan Mirocek used to be a hunter. A very special hunter. Once, he hunted the things that haunt the forests of the night in every culture of the world. The kallikantzari of Greece. The loup-garou of France. The kitsune of Japan.

Were-beasts. Shape shifters.

Until one night, Jan made a mistake, and the woman he loved died. Now he shuns the dark and his own past, hiding in a big city. For were-beasts never come here.

Or do they? People are dying in Toronto, and all signs point to a shifter.

But can Jan conquer his own fears to track down the killer? And what kind of shape shifter would be at home in a modern city?

Urban fantasy, shape shifters (short story)

"A creature-hunter tale that kept me guessing until the very last paragraphs. I was on edge throughout the whole story!" —Global Pop Culture reviews

"A man skilled in hunting supernatural entities encounters a new breed of shape shifter specifically adapted to the urban environment." —Innsmouth Free Press
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