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Wolf Mate - audiobook

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Wolf Blood (Outcast Pack book 4)

Read by Casey McLeod

Brandon Wineford has sworn off relationships because dating humans is too hard—they can’t be trusted with the truth—and finding a shifter he actually likes is impossible. But with his friends in the Outcast Pack finding love, he’s feeling the bite of going home alone. When his best friend asks him to help out behind the bar at a fated mate-finding event, he reluctantly agrees.

Finding a mate has been at the top of rugby player Ross Starling’s to do list since he first learned he’s a witch. He never turns up a chance to kiss a shifter. This will be his third official mate-seeking event. Some might say he’s a mate chaser or that he’s desperate, but he knows there is someone for him.

When he sees Brandon wearing a pink ‘kiss me’ shirt, that is exactly what he wants to do.

Brandon has other ideas. He doesn’t believe in forever, and he doesn’t want to risk his heart on a witch. And if they don’t kiss, they can’t become mates. But there are plenty of other things they can do…

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