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The All About Clay Introductory Guide to Glazing and other Finishing Methods (44 pages)

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The All About Clay Introductory Guide to Glazing:

This student-friendly glazing guide gives an overview of glazing methods and alternatives to glazing. It is written for ceramics students and teachers, and anyone wanting to learn about glazing basics and get insights into other ways to finish ceramics artworks.This colorful resource is full of inspiring ideas, helpful information, visually engaging charts, insightful photos and diagrams, and more. 

The guide covers these topics 
Chapter 1: Attributes of Glazes
Chapter 2: Glaze Tools & Equipment
Chapter 3: Glazing Process & Methods
Chapter 4: Decorative Techniques
References and Other Resources 

Format: PDF (44 pages)

This resource is a simplier version of
"The All About Clay Guide to Glazing and Other Kiln-Fired Glaze Alternatives" (70 pages) and
"The All About Clay Guide to Glazing including Hot Finishes that Require a Kiln and Cold Finishes that Do Not"  (100 pages)
You will get a PDF (19MB) file

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