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A Dog's Tale SAT Fiction Reading Comprehension Worksheet

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This product includes one fiction reading comprehension passage - an excerpt from Mark Twain's "A Dog's Tale" - designed to mimic the format and difficulty of the SAT. It's a great resource for students who need to improve their reading comprehension skills or want to specifically prepare for the SAT and ACT. This resource includes seven pages, containing ten questions of various types, answers, and explanations on how to arrive to the correct conclusions. It's a great way to help students refine their ability to analyze more complex passages. Use this as classwork, individually or in a group, as teaching material, homework, or as an assessment (suggested timing 12.5 min for SAT practice).

Subject: Fiction Reading Comprehension
Pages: 7 (10 questions, answers, and explanations)
Difficulty: 8th grade and up
Concepts tested:

Close reading
Picking details from the passage
Understanding words from context
Making inferences
Understanding the main idea of a passage
Understanding story structure
You will get a PDF (112KB) file

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