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Welcome to the 28th issue of the arts magazine Inspirational. This issue has artists from South Africa, India, the Netherlands, France, and the US, with disciplines ranging from digital art to painting, textiles to photography. In this issue inspirational has four in depth interviews with three contemporary artists: Wilhelm Vincent, Mike Egan, and Emmanuel Barrouyer, as well as an interview with Ron Weijers who is curator of the contemporary art gallery 10dence. In its regular portfolio section, Inspirational features two artists work: Naveena Ganjoo and Zeren Badar. Inspirational also has a written feature on the work of Jeffrey Gibson by Raquel Glusman. More details of everything available in this issue is given below:

interview: Wilhelm Vincent. The South African artist reveals a brand new artwork project ‘Amper’. Wilhelm talks about his recent illness and how creativity has been fuelled by and through that illness. He shares thoughts, conclusions, and brand new artwork.

portfolio: Naveena Ganjoo. The Indian fine art painter imbues her work with nostalgia, connection, myth and magic. Her work is both vibrant and languid, full of colour and mystery.

interview: Mike Egan. The American painter relates his work to the subject of death. However, death is not portrayed in his work as sombre or histrionic, but in a bold, graphic, often humorous style. Mike gives an insight as to his interests, his working methods, and death itself.

feature: Jeffrey Gibson. The American painter and sculptor of Choctaw-Cherokee heritage, successfully combines Native American art and craft traditions with contemporary fine art understandings. This feature is written by the writer and broadcaster Raquel Glusman.

interview: 10dence Gallery. 10dence gallery is an independent artists for artists platform that presents, creates, explores, nurtures and promotes connectivity between artists. Inspirational talks at length with the curator of 10dence – Ron Weijers.

portfolio: Zeren Badar. The Turkish born and US based conceptual artist combines photography, painting, and collage in a visually rich and unique way. His work is witty and thoughtful, and his combination of materials is inspired.

interview: Emmanuel Barrouyer. The French actor, photographer, and collage artist reveals a new photography project – the Madonna series. These uncluttered, calm portraits of contemporary women in all their diversity are a structure of complexity through simplicity. Emmanuel talks to Inspirational about the new series, as well as the larger context of his artwork.

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John Hopper - Inspirational editor
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