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The Everyday Homeschooler's Guide to Teaching the Early Years (48 pgs.)

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The Everyday Homeschooler’s Guide to Teaching the Early Years is my short guide for families who are in the early years of homeschooling. It contains an introduction to homeschooling and lessons I learned while homeschooling my two boys, using project-based homeschooling techniques while also teaching them the fundamentals. It's a relaxed approached that will offer encouragement and show you that homeschooling the early years doesn't have to be stressful or overly time-consuming.

It will answer the following questions:

How do homeschoolers do it? What are my kids supposed to learn? What resources should I use? How do I plan lessons and schedule my day? How do I meet other homeschoolers? 

This simple guide also shows you how to create an environment that will honor your child's natural desire to learn. It will give tips on how to foster creativity. It will help you set your unique homeschool priorities and start you on the path to becoming a family of life-long learners.

48 pages
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