Shelli Bond Pabis

I’m Shelli Pabis, author of the Mama of Letters blog. For years I’ve been sharing my family’s homeschooling journey on my ad-free blog and on home/school/life. I’m still sharing monthly updates on my blog, but for middle school and high school, I’ve decided to share the nuts and bolts of our homeschool planning in these PDF resources. It’s a lot of work to put all of this together, so I appreciate your support!

If you are new to homeschooling or have an elementary level student, my first resource, The Everyday Homeschooler’s Guide to Teaching the Early Years, will be perfect for you. It gives a brief but thorough overview on the different ways you might approach homeschooling, and I explain how we homeschooled during the early years using project-based homeschooling techniques. There's also a list of recommended resources and curricula.

Please click here for my full bio and don’t hesitate to contact me, if you have any questions or comments. I welcome the feedback. If you like my work, please share it with your friends and social media outlets. Thank you!