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Homeschooling Tip #5
When you homeschool, you do not have to follow the public school calendar, and you don't have to teach every subject everyday. You could do math on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. You can homeschool in the late afternoon or evenings or even on the we...
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Homeschooling Tip #4
The most important academic skill you can teach your child is how to read, but you must do so in a way that they will love reading. This means going at their pace. Do short, light lessons. Be patient. Some kids read early and others are nine-years-ol...
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Homeschooling Tip #3
Don't spend a lot of money on curriculum in the early years. Use your library. Borrow from friends. Find out what works best for your student. Keep the money for the middle years when you may really need that extra help.
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Homeschooling Tip #2
Go slow. Do not rush. You have time. Take it one step at a time. One subject at a time.
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Homeschooling Tip #1
Do not listen to the naysayers. If you think your child could benefit from homeschooling or any other form of alternative education, you are probably right. You know your child better than anyone else.
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