Dating Harley Quinn- Female Histrionic Narcissist

by From Surviving To Thriving

No one, and I mean NO ONE understands the turmoil, the damage, the prison, the nightmare.... the HELL that a person undergoes while in a relationship with a narcissist -unless they have been there themselves. This TRUE story is so insane that it’s difficult to believe that it’s a non fiction book!!  But it is... it is 100% true!

She tried to kill me twice, I tried to kill myself once, an employee of mine tried to kill me and in the end - I tried to kill HER!!! I went from $2 Million dollars a year to homeless; in the span of 3 years I sank enough Meth to keep a herd of elephants awake indefinitely and yet as hard as I hit rock bottom, I didn't stay down and from the bottom of my heart I hope that inspires YOU.

I had arrived in Bulgaria driving a 140’ Stretch Limo weighing over 6 tons -it was like sailing a ship down the interstate -you didn’t turn right, you simply just stopped turning left. I went over the ALPS in that Limo! On the way down the mountain, the front brakes were on fire; I had to stop every mile or so and cool them down with a CO2 fire extinguisher. And then there was the drive through the center of Venice -now THAT was a laugh. Venice is designed for Gondolas and tiny, city cars -NOT 30’ Limos. And yet as crazy as that ride was -while I was fully prepared to face a new country, a new culture, a new language, and a new business adventure -  I was most definitely NOT prepared for the new breed of women that I would be introduced to by Angel. 

The beginning of the relationship was surreal - if ever I had fantasized about what the perfect girl would be - it paled in comparison to what Angel was truly like and how she enhanced my life. If I were to compare her to anyone I had ever dated - it would not be fair; it would be like comparing a painting done with finger paints hanging on a refrigerator door, held up with a magnet, to Michelangelo's art scenes from Genesis painted on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome. 

I quite literally could not imagen a girl more totally perfect, my imagination was stretched just to take in the reality of her. She brought me to the edge of the stratosphere where the air is so thin you have to wear a space suit - but the view - the view is all humanity stretched out before you and you can see the curvature of the earth and the blackness of space.  You know that above you, there isn't even enough air to support your wings, there is no higher.

 Beyond this point there is no measurement of height, from here on it becomes - distance.  As you glide in perfect tranquility at the edge of space, the sun so bright your visor is almost black, gasping at the beauty of life that you never thought possible.

And then ...... she dropped me.

What looked,smelled, tasted and felt so enticing in the beginning, quickly turned into a covert poison that cost me my million dollar business, my health, provoked a suicide attempt and left me homeless and suffering brain damage.

Why? Because Angel is a Histrionic Narcissist -they are bad people, it’s what they do!!


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