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I’m really excited to share my first ever e-Book! 

Going vegan isn't always easy. For many people it’s unknown territory and can feel overwhelming. We are lucky to have such an abundant choice of fruit and vegetables readily available to us but it’s hard to know where to start. It took me a few months to adjust, but I’m so pleased I made the transition! 

There are many reasons as to why you might want to adopt a plant-based lifestyle. It can be really exciting to pair your ethical views with how you choose to live your life. Having that great sense of achievement is wonderful, however, my main ethos is that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste or flavour when making the changes. 

Vegan food can be both nutritious and delicious, you just need to know where to begin and that’s where I’d like to help…

It’s taken me a while; lots of research, reading, practise and some trial and error!

But I now have a list of ‘go to’ recipes that I use all the time in my daily life and I’d like to share them with you!

This e-book is packed with my favourite every day recipes. 

They’re easy to source, easy to prepare and easy to enjoy. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

What can I expect?
• 35 individual Vegan Recipes

• 7 Chapters - ranging from Breakfasts to ‘Sides' to Desserts

• Basic Ingredients - that are easy to find

• Easy to follow instructions

• Photographs of every dish 

• Serving suggestions (what sides to use & extra flavour recommendations)


The e-Book must be downloaded on your computer first. You can then transfer the PDF file to your phone or iPad/tablet. (You may need to download an app to open the file - Adobe Reader or iBooks)


• I would absolutely love to hear how you get on! 

• Please share your creations and tag me on Instagram and Twitter @StephElswood and use the hashtag #PlantToPlate
You will get a PDF (15MB) file

Plant to Plate: Winter Warmers


Plant to Plate: Sweet Treats


The Plant to Plate Collection - all 3 recipe ebooks