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Agents of The Emperor Collection Volume 6: 5 Science Fiction Short Stories

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5 gripping, enthralling, unputdownable science fiction short stories in one great collection!


The Interrogation of Annabella Stormic:

A Dangerous Traitor. A Mysterious Woman Captured. The Deadliest of Interrogations.

The first time I meet Annabella Stormic. She kills me.

I captured traitor Annabella Stormic. I want her to reveal her secrets. I know she plots to escape.

What I do next determines the fate of a lot of lives.

You do not want to miss this gripping, fascinating scifi short story.

The First Rememberer:

A Fallen Earth. Techo Lords rule. A New Age Dawning.

Everything begins in the far future.

Rememberer Memoris works hard for evil masters. He suffers at their hand. Memoris wishes for freedom.

What Memoris does next could change the fate of humanity.


An Infected Planet. A Vaccine Rollout. Creatures Attacking.

Vaccines are strong. Disinformation is stronger.

Professor Iano waits in a long line. He knows the creatures will attack soon. Iano wants to save his planet.

An entire community depends on Iano.

Life of A Rememberer:

A Life of Recording. A Life of Witnessing. A Life of Suffering.

Service is duty in the far future.

Rememberer Memoic travels the Empire. He records critical moments in history.

Join Bestselling writer Connor Whiteley in this enthralling, unputdownable scifi short story about some of Memoic's most important moments.

Remarkable Way She Died:

A Captured Assassin. A Sadistic Interrogator. Remarkable Way She Dies.

Turning on the Emperor is turning on morality.

I interrogate stupid loyalists. I watch an assassin in my cells. I need a single name from her.

What she says next changes everything.

If you enjoy unputdownable, twisted sci-fi short stories making you read late into the night. You will love this one!

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