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A Man's Plight 5 eBook

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Ryan is just like any other man in the world. Hard-working, family man, raising two young kids in a home he worked to get for them and his wife. While life was great, he ran into some career financial changes within his company. While he tried to work through it, he would eventually tell his wife and divorced ensued. This doesn't happen all of the time in marriages but it does to a lot of men in the world. 


Ryan's life drastically changed and his life spiraled into a place of depression and sadness. Financial struggles to get back on his feet, paying lawyers, child support, not seeing his children the way he wants, life became a struggle for him. It would take some life changing events to get him back on his feet but divorce affects men in ways a lot of people don't think. This is Ryan's story and hopefully it opens everyone's eyes to not only the financial impact divorce has on men but the emotional, mental and spiritual aspect of it too. 

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