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A Man's Plight 6 eBook

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Patrick is a young man who has gone through and experienced so much in his life. He's finally at a place where he's no longer listening to what the world tells him and he goes into therapy. He opens his mind and heart up to a therapist named Dr. Steven Grand. Patrick starts to share a lot of what he deals with daily in his life along with his childhood that has led to where he is currently.


As Patrick begins sharing some of the deepest thoughts of his life, Dr. Steven Grand gives insight into how his childhood has affected him as an adult. Patrick not only begins to learn about himself and who he is, but his way of thinking and how certain childhood events and experiences have shaped him into who he is currently. The healing process and normalizing therapy for men in today's world has become imperative. The last book of the series is an important subject that needs to be talked about more. The time is now to allow men to talk about their internal struggles and experiences. It will allow men to find healthy ways to deal with their emotions and allow us to make better decisions and have better mental health…

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