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Ask Me To Stay

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Alex Copeland is that kind of guy…and Jess knows it.

She’s worked too hard to make detective, to be taken seriously, to be ready for that next promotion, to let an office flirt like Officer Copeland sway her. Jessica is so ready to say no, that she’s even told him she’s not available when he’s just asking for paperwork.

Jessica Valverde is the only woman Alex would ever consider filling out HR paperwork for. Nothing he does gets her attention until a building fire puts him in harm’s way and her ambition puts him in her way.

Maybe Jessica has kept her walls too high and maybe Alex is more than just a pretty Hollywood face. Having him in her apartment is more than she can handle. But the real Alex Copeland is someone she never saw coming. And he’s got more spine than she gave him credit for. Jessica will have to put everything on the line to have a chance with Alex…

Ask Me to Stay will fill your dreams with a steamy, true love story. Be prepared to fall head over heels for this contemporary romance from Maggie Award winning author Savanna Kade. This third installment in the Against All Odds series can be read as a standalone. Fall in love with Jess and Alex now…

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