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Twelve Essential Medical Secrets | Laws 1 & 2

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A reading of another great book by Dr Vernon Coleman.  Coleman's Laws - Twelve essential medical secrets which could save your life.

In this audio, the Preface, and the best part of Coleman's 1st & 2nd Laws Of Medecine. 

  • Coleman's 1st Law Of Medecine:
    If you are receiving treatment for an existing disease and you develop new symptoms then, until proved otherwise, you should assume that the new symptoms are caused by the treatment you are receiving.
  • Coleman's 2nd Law Of Medecine:
    There is no point in having tests done unless the results will affect your treatment.

If you take three drugs and two of them are for side effects caused by the first drug then you are probably being badly treated.

The Author, Dr Vernon Coleman MB ChB DSc FRSA was the first qualified medical practitioner to question the significance of the "crisis".

He is the author of over 100 books and his biography and reference articles cover four pages, but in a nutshell; He studied medecine at Birmingham Medical School and qualified as a doctor in 1970.

He has worked both in hospitals and as a GP.  He resigned from the Health Service on a matter of principle.

For more information, visit his website.
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