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The Irascible Immortals Series Collection: The First Nine Books eBook

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eBook (mobi. ePub & PDF)

Immortals + Boredom = Catastrophe.

Something old and dangerous is waking, making the immortals act out on their crazier instincts.

Odin goes off to Midgard to live in a retirement home. Anubis leaves his job to go on a beach vacation. Mab takes off to New Orleans for Samhain fun. Yue Lao and Cupid exchange roles to the detriment of mortals. Bast, Apollo and a Kitsune out-prank each other – leading to a blood bath. Pan and Poseidon compete to clean up the land and waters respectively, causing more destruction in their wake. Baba Yaga’s job just got worse after Pan and Poseidon’s game. Morrígan gets her powers back after centuries and is out for blood. And Isis is ready to unleash hell on earth to get Osiris back.

They are all so busy with their own stuff, they don’t even realise what is really going on…

Scroll up to buy now and enjoy the hilarity that ensues when bored immortals let loose.
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