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The Bug Barians® Adventures In City Park

“WE HAVE COME TO CONQUER YOU… AS LONG AS THAT’S OKAY.” If you hear those words, you know that Clonk the Clonkerer and his Bug Barian friends are in your neighborhood. You're about to be conquered in the best possible way - with Viking fun. Better yet, it’s Bug Barian fun. Sail away with a crazy crew of diminutive heroes wearing tiny horns. It’s Clonk the Clonkerer, the Mighty Huntoon, Eddik the Dread, Monte, Flo, Valleri and her pet aphid, Thor. They’re the Bug Barians and you’ll never know what they've been up to. Look high up in the air sometime, and you just might catch a glimpse of the Bug Barians sailing above City Park riding the summer breeze in their Leaf Boat, the Leaf Erikson. All they need is a little luck, a gust of wind and…. whooosh! They're off. What are the Bug Barians searching for? Adventure. Today’s destination? Anywhere the wind takes them. It’s not far away but getting there won’t be easy. The Bug Barians never know who or what they’ll meet along the way. Their world is filled with grumpy squirrels, a big yellow kite, unpredictable weather, and of course, Clonk the Clonkerer. Everything is guaranteed to go haywire when Clonk is around but that is what makes the adventure full of fun. Will the Bug Barians complete their mission and actually get from here to there in one piece? They’ll know when they get there.... and get there they will. As Clonk the Clonkerer would say: “ONWARD AND AWKWARD!” Written by Hallmark Channel Writer/Producer Marty Byk and illustrated by JoAnn DiMaggio, “The Bug Barians” is a brand new children’s story filled with exciting characters and funny situations that children ages 5 and up will love. And parents will too. It’s a book you’ll remember forever. All it takes is a little luck, a good gust of wind and you. WHOOOSH! Now everyone’s a Bug Barian. ALL FOR BUGS AND BUGS FOR ALL!



From the Author
We have really hope children enjoy reading The Bug Barians® as much as we enjoyed creating them.  From the moment of inspiration while walking in one of Los Angeles' parks to finally holding the actual book in hand,  the entire process has been one big learning experience.  We thank any - and everyone - who takes the time to have a look at the book and we hope that kids everywhere get chance to jump into the world of "The Bug Barians®"  All they need is a sense of adventure and a good gust of wind.  The rest will take care of itself.  





The Bug Barians® is a Trademark of Martin Byk and Bug Barians Ltd., LLC.   All Rights Reserved. 

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